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Devworld Tech Academy can take you to where you want to be.

Skill Based

Place our students on the same problem with individuals from other IT schools. We guarantee that our students will out-perform everyone else. Our students' skills speak for them.

Project Based

Skill is not enough. Being confident in your skill and having the ability to manipulate your skills to solve real problems is necessary. Our students learn through projects.

Career Based

DWTA also imparts soft skills and career skills. This is why our students gets their dream job or starts their own business maximum of 3 months after graduation. Our students are career ready.

Our Study Programs

Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Cloud Computing
Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, etc 95%
Game, Software, Mobile & Web Development
Game or Software Engineer, Mobile Developer, Web Developer, etc 98%
Digital, Graphic & Product Design
Graphic Designer, Product Designer, etc 76%
Programming, Cyber-Security & Computer Ethics
Security Analyst, Programmer, Ethical Hacker, etc 87%
DWTA IT computer training school

Our Teaching Style

DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA) possesses and implements a unique teaching curriculum that produces skilled, project enhanced, career ready graduates who gets their dream job or starts their own business maximum of 3 months after completing their program with us.

DWTA courses and study programs are designed and taught by web-based lecturers and experts at top ranking universities in the USA. The courses are frequently updated to mirror the latest technological advancement and industry standards.

So, you get the knowledge and expertise of the western world while also gaining the experience and knowledge of the African market from your class instructors and project advisers. We learn best when we quickly apply what we studied. That’s why our students work on real-world projects that are sold and a percentage of the revenue is given to them and their project adviser.  


When working in design, be it graphic, product, web or digital design, having creative and stimulating minds around you is vital. DWTA is genius.
Kate Peaceman
Digital Designer
DWTA changed my life. The quality of teaching and the hands on real-life projects allowed me to be qualified to tackle the job field. Thank you.
John Mensah
Cyber-Sercurity Analyst
Was looking for a quality IT and programming school in Ghana that did not only talked the talk but who also walked the walk. That's DWTA.
Mary Opoku
Full-Stack Developer
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Give your future & career
a boost

  • Any student that graduates from DWTA either starts their own business or gets a job within 3 months.
  • You can study two compatible courses at the same time. Graduating with a double major.
  • Practice & Work on real apps and software used by thousands of users each month.
  • Our teaching curriculum is a combination of several institutional learning curricula used by over 10 million learners worldwide.
  • We produce capable, work-place ready, well informed professionals (practical skills not just theories).
  • Our courses are self-paced— fast/slow according to your choice.
  • As a branch of WealthBankers Limited’s tech division (DevWorld), DevWorld Tech Academy is a practical skill focused institution.
  • Our graduates will always out-perform or match-perform, others from any other institution when tested in the workplace on what they have been taught in their respective schools.
  • DWTA Students are lectured by global Certified Faculties from US universities who has many years of experience in teaching and the tech field.
  • Our Students are connected to communities of international developers from whose experience and exposure they learn from academically and industry wise.
  • DWTA study Programs are designed by US universities professors and tech expert hence they are the latest and are regularly updated to meet latest technology and best practices. 

We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught, to practically create the future and career you desire.