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Don't Pause Your Life to Study; Rather Start It Here
Don’t Pause Your Life to Study; Rather Start It Here

While studying at DWTA, you don’t pause your life to study. It’s rather the other way round. In DWTA you actually start building your life while advancing toward your dream or choose career path as you acquire the relevant skill to guarantee your successful future.

Once you register as a new student, we ask you to choose a career path or potential career path and 80% of your projects and coursework will be toward making your choice a reality.

You made the right decision by choosing DevWorld Tech Academy.

DWTA prepares you not only for the work place but also equip you with skills required to pass industry standard certifications that are globally recognized; thereby giving you unmatched employability and long term career prospects.

This is made possible by our blended teaching approach of both knowledgeable, experienced US universities lectures and Ghanaian experts experienced in the African markets and industry.

We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught, to practically create the future and career you desire.

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Hi there,

Welcome to DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA

Do you know >> the skill-focused training and mentorship offered by DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA, develops and sustains a skilled workforce that meets the needs of local employers and government tech initiatives.

For DWTA, producing practical skill-rich graduates (not just theories) means having a global impact.

We live in a global economy so –

Gain the skills you need to create more opportunities for yourself, your family and your country.

DWTA offers practical skill-focused training and mentorship in these fields and career paths.

Also see reasons and benefits to study here at DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA.

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Why Study IT / Programming / Computer Science

Help Individuals, Organizations, and Communities Achieve More

Take a look around. IT is everywhere. And every day, it changes the world. By studying IT here at DWTA – you will help drive that daily transformation.

We have the only fully-fledged IT faculty with a healthy mix of Instructor Led Project Based Training by experience experts here in Ghana and Web Based Training by teachers and professionals at US universities. That’s the full breadth of IT, and a whole lot of choice, in just one place.

Training classes of our regularly updated programs are taught in small group settings of 15 – 30 students to enhance participation and practicality.

It has been done by combining the best of Video, Projects, Experienced Advisers’ Wisdom and the Internet Capabilities. Most levels and versions can be taught in an Instructor-Led or Blended approach.

In today’s society, information and information technology are ubiquitous and influence all forms of human activity.

We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught here, to practically create the future and career you desire.

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It has gotten to the point that it is virtually impossible to do business without relying on a computer for some reason or other. For that reason, programmers are becoming an invaluable asset for companies around the world.

And the job market for programmers is growing every year. That’s a trend we can expect to continue into the future, which means this is a valuable qualification for our kids and “adults” to have as they grow up and go into the job market.

This is one of the reasons You Should Join DevWorld Tech Academy Now – the earlier the better.

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Coding Extends Far Beyond the Tech Industry

When coding came onto the scene, only the technology sector could make use of it. That is no longer the case. Actually, many of the job openings that exist for programmers aren’t even in tech companies.

Some of them are in health care, others in government, others in finance, and some in traditional manufacturing. Even marketers could do with coding skills with the advent of digital marketing.

Coding isn’t just for software engineering graduates anymore. Many jobs make it one of the job requirements, and the salaries are higher than average to reflect its importance. There are also plenty of boot camps across the country to help job seekers learn how to code. The fact that they’re popping up like mushrooms with no end in sight is a clear sign that there is high demand for them.

As such, coding is an important skill for your and your children to acquire. By engaging them, we are giving them a vital skill that they will be able to use in the future to achieve their dreams. The trends are such that, with time, coding will be as basic a skill as reading and writing. To not teach our children this skill is to leave them handicapped for the future.

To truly understand where the field of coding is going, and why we should teach it to our kids and “adults”, we need to first understand how important it is.

Coding is a lot like teaching, only you’re teaching a computer, rather than a human, to perform a specific task. To communicate with the computer effectively, you have to speak in a language that the computer can understand, known as the programming language.

That code has not always looked the same, and very few people today will be able to understand code from six or seven decades ago. At the very beginning, code was written in the form of holes on punch cards, which were loaded into a computer. From there, it went on to numbers, and then words.

Today, computer code looks almost like the English we use in conversation. This evolution has come about to make it not only easier for programmers to teach computers efficiently and effectively, but also so that it is easier to learn how to code in the first place.

With more people being able to communicate with computers because of the ease of using computer languages, computer technology and systems have become more and more a part of our lives.

Currently, there are numerous programming languages out there. Some of them were built for special purposes while others are general and can be interchanged depending on preferences and the nature of the task.

For the World Wide Web, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reign supreme. For statistics, R, Python, and SAS are the default languages. AutoCAD languages help engineers as they design with CAD software, while C++, Java, and others are multipurpose programs that can be used just about anywhere.

Excerpt from Alexandra Reay’s article on Why and How To Get Kids Interested in Programming


Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for and attended to with diligence.

Abigail Adams


When choosing a place to study tech courses, programming/coding, what you need is affordability, practicality and exposure through experience. These are the attributes we have in abundance.

Below are some of the great reasons why you should join DevWorld Tech Academy.


1. Learn
Acquire new skills. Choose from over 30 innovative study programs on Web Development, Cybersecurity, Software Development, and much more.


2. Practice

Sharpen and refine your newly learned skills. Take bite-sized, fun Practice Challenges. Then start hands-on major projects in teams with other students.


3. Build
Apply the academic skills taught you to solve real-world problems. While using the Professional skill taught you in the Career Path Schools to deliver your solutions to the market, society and industry.


4. Earn
DWTA takes what you have built individually or with your team during your project time to the market, to individuals, companies and organisations who need them. A percentage of every sale is given to the individual or the team as well as their project adviser.


Top-Class Study Programs

Develop Academic Skills for Expertise

DevWorld Tech Academy Study Programs

DWTA courses and study programs are designed and taught by lectures and experts at top ranking universities in the USA. The courses are frequently updated to mirror the latest technological advancement and industry standards.

So you get the knowledge and expertise of the western world while also gaining the experience and knowledge of the African market from your Ghanaian project advisers. You learn best when you get to apply what you learn quickly. That’s why we have developed projects based on real-world problems. See more on projects below this page.

Our Program Faculties

  • AI, DS & CC – Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Cloud Computing
  • BootCamp Programs & Double Majors
  • Computer Ethics, Security & Literacy
  • Digital & Product Design
  • Game & Software Development
  • Information & Data Technology
  • Mobile & Web Development
  • Programming Languages, Tools, Frameworks & CMS


Eye-Opening Career Path Schools

Acquire Professional Skills for Success

Career Path School DevWorld Tech Academy

DWTA prepares you for the real world. As you develop your knowledge and academic skills through our study program, you will also be taught soft skills and professional skills that are in accordance to the Career Path School you have chosen. Our career path schools are the reason we can guarantee that all our graduate start their business or get their desired job in maximum of 3 months after graduating.

School of Freelancing
If you don’t want a regular job but also don’t want to start a full scale business, then this school is for you. Students here are taught how to continually get Freelance contracts to earn regular income while having the freedom to use your time as you wish.

School of WorkPlace Career
If you want to offer your expertise to help company achieve their vision and if you like going to the workplace and engaging productively with other colleagues; then this school is for you. Students here are taught how to position themselves to get their desired jobs and promotions.

School of Entrepreneurship
If you have solutions to offer in large scale through products or services; and if you have the passion to build and grow a business while calling the shots, then this school is for you. Students here are taught have to start and run a successful business while managing people.


Multiple Graduation Qualifications

Skills taught in various depths and levels

Academic Qualifications DevWorld Tech Academy

You are in control of how much you want to learn and how deep you go by your choice for graduating qualification. The study program length is determined by the nature of the course work, projects and the qualification document you wish to graduate with.

Students awarded this qualification gave been taught the preliminary, entry level skill in a particular field. Certificate Study Programs are completed between 1 – 6 months depending on the nature of the course.

Diploma Study Programs goes deeper and depending on the nature of the course can be completed between 6 – 10 months. Students graduating with this would acquire at least an intermediate level skill in that field. If a student practice he/her skills through an internship program with us, they are graduated with an Advance Diploma.

Professional Diploma
This qualification goes beyond raw academic skill set but also consider the real world application, in line with you Career Path School.

To be awarded this; a student in school of entrepreneurship, for example, after their academic training should start their own business related to their study program and successfully run it for 3 months before he/she can graduate. He/She is required apply the skills taught in the Career Path school.

Depending on the nature of the study program, this course can be completed between 9 – 15 months and graduate.


Lucrative Project Based Learning

The proven way to learn a skill & earn income too

Students Software Projects DevWorld Tech Academy

Make money from your projects while solidify the lessons and skills learnt. Yes, you read right that. Here at DWTA, you are encourage to develop your course project with all diligent for the real world. The school then sells your projects and give you, your team and your project adviser a percentage of the project sales revenue.

This allows you to earn lots of money even while studying, from the projects you did to practice the academic and profession skills you were taught.

There are various types of projects you will work on such as Micro Projects, Mini Projects, Major Projects, Graduating Projects, Path Projects.

Micro Projects

These are more like concept practice tests and challenge to solidify the skills you have been taught. These kind of projects given every few days, every week, or at the end of a class when a new concept or principle has been taught and completed.

Mini Projects

This are bit size part of your major or graduating project. They are usually due every month or every two weeks. When you combine all the tasks and results of your mini projects, 60% – 80% of your Major Project or/and Graduating Project should have been completed.

Major Projects

Diploma and Professional Diploma are assigned project groups of 3 – 5 participants. They are to work on a major project from the beginning to the end of their study period. The group project will be reviewed at the end of their study program. DevWorld Tech Academy sells this type of projects and give the students a percentage of the sales.

Graduating Projects

Students of all qualification are required to apply what they have been taught in order to successfully complete their graduating project. This is a personal, not a group project and must be completed to graduate.

Path Projects

Only Professional Diploma students are allowed to perform this project. The task to be completed is in line with the career path school they have chosen. At the end of the Professional Dilopma, individual students or groups of students will be assigned a real-work Freelancing, Work-Place Career, or Entrepreneurship project to complete within 3 months.


Below are some more reasons to study at DevWorld Tech Academy.

  • See this page – Any student that graduates from DWTA either starts their own business or gets a job with 3 months.
  • You can study two courses at the same time. Graduating with a double major.
  • Practice & Work on real apps and software used by thousand of users each month.
  • Our teaching curriculum is a combination of several institutional learning curricula used by over 10 million learners worldwide.
  • We produce capable, work-place ready, well informed professionals (practical skills not just theories).
  • Our courses are self-paced — fast/slow according to your choice.
  • As a branch of WealthBankers Limited’s tech division (DevWorld), DevWorld Tech Academy is a practical skill focused institution.
  • Our graduates will always out-perform or match-perform, others from any other institution when tested in the workplace on what they have been taught in their respective schools.
  • DWTA Students are lectured by global Certified Faculties from US universities who has many years of experience in teaching and the tech field.
  • Our Students are connected to communities of international developers from whose experience and exposure they learn from academically and industry wise.
  • DWTA study Programs are designed by US universities professors and tech expert hence they are the latest and are regularly updated to meet latest technology and best practices.

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We are a good… no, GREAT SCHOOL