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A Tech Career Can Make You Rich

Tech Experts Should Never Be Poor

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As a Tech Expert, You are very Important.

You should NOT be Poor.

Tech has become the Engine of the World.

Tech created the largest number of millionaires.

Tech created the fastest number of billionaires.​

Tech will most likely create the first trillionaire.

Tech is fun, exciting and full of innovations; offering limitless possibilities.

Tech is not the saviour of the world. But Tech can be used as a force of good.

Tech creates more and better jobs than it destroys worldwide.

Tech is very kind to its own. Tech will create more and more tech jobs.

The middle class and upper class of the next 30 years are those in the tech industry.

Humans are in charge of Tech. If it destroys the world, it's our fault. We chart its course.

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If you are a Tech Lover, if your want a career with a stable and secure job or if you have The Billionaire Dream.

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