DWTA’s Student Services Office aims to solve the problems students may encounter during the academic year with the help of its highly skilled staff. In this regard, the office offers Information Services.

Student Services Office has expanded the operations of the Student Information Center so that all students can benefit from it more frequently. As a modern information center, the Student Information Center not only helps students receive all kinds of school-related information in an efficient manner but also aims to raise students’ participation in social activities, competitions, events, contests and so on.

Students can receive information about events taking place within the academy as well as other activities organized by other third parties from the Student Information Center. Students can visit the Student Information Center to obtain more detailed information regarding these events.

Students’ new or replacement identity cards are granted through our office. Also, students’ academic learning starter pack for each session is distributed to students by DevWorld Tech Academy through us.

Operating under the Student Services Office, the Accommodation Services division provides information solutions to the housing problems students may encounter.

Diploma approval procedures are also handled by our unit following the graduation ceremony.