DWTA Entry Requirement

We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught here, to practically create the future and career you desire.

Before accepting a new student, there are various required criteria we look out for and they have been listed below.

If you are serious about studying computer related courses, you must have your own computer. You will need your computer when practicing to sharpen your skills, for homeworks and project works.

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Student Admission Pre-requisites 

  • You must have a well functioning laptop.
  • You must have a strong desire to learn.
  • You must have a strong need/passion for tech-related courses,  programming/coding.
  • You must be self-discipline and self- motivated.
  • Previous computer knowledge is an advantage but not necessary.
  • You must have a minimum of junior high school (JSH) educati

Admission Process

  1. First, review our programs page and decide what course you want to study and at what level you want to study it.
  2. Second, use the contact page to get in touch with us if you have any questions.
  3. Third, fill in the online application form to apply for admission
  4. Fourth, your application is reviewed. If you are accepted, you will be called.
  5. Fifth, you pay your tuition fees to keep your admission spot.
  6. Sixth, we will give you the tuition fees payment reciept. Also we will inform when to expect your study starter pack and login credential.
  7. Seventh, you start your class on date announced. 

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