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Operating under the Student Services Office, the “Accommodation Services” division provides information solutions to the housing problems students may encounter.

DevWorld Tech Academy at the moment does not offer direct hostels, dormitories, and accommodation, however, the student service office can assist with information and recommendations.

DevWorld Tech Academy is located 30 – 40 mins drive from Kotoka International Airport.

Any accommodation that is located max of 60 min drive from our location should be okay.

This is our location on Google Maps 


DevWorld Tech Academy is located close to Nmai Dzorn curve; that’s on the Ashaley Bowte, School Junction to Nana Krom road.

Any affordable accommodation in the areas listed below is close enough to the school.

Zoomlion, Ashaley Bowte
Nana Krom
Ability closed to school junction, Ashaley Bowte
East Legon
East Legon Hills
Nmai Dzorn
Buwaleshi side
America House side
Lakeside Estate area
Old Town, Ashaley Bowte
New Town, Ashaley Bowte
Highways, Ashaley Bowte
3rd Gate, Ashaley Bowte
Rizt Junction, Madina
Adenta closer to Lakeside Estate

These are a little far but side okay…

University of Ghana side
UPSA side



Accommodation is either sought online through property listing sites or offline through word of mouth and offline property advertisements and agents.

Barber House Agent
024 509 6392
054 740 3828

Nana Kwabena House Agent

Memphis House Agent

Dramani House Agent

Emma House Agent

We asked around the area and these are some agents people gave us. We have not worked directly with them and so can not vouch for their individual characters but these are agents we found that can help you find accommodations fast and close by.


Below are links to some websites for accommodation listings in Ghana costing Ghc100 to GHc 800 monthly: