Online Application & Enrollment Process

DevWealth Tech Academy has a straightforward enrollment process. We have regular intakes throughout the year. See the intake schedule here and our study programs here.

Step 1
Browse our website to explore our study programs and the admission requirements. Then fill and submit the online application form below.
Step 2
After sending your online application, an admission staff will contact you for a phone interview. You will discuss the best program options for you based on your interests and career preferences. They will evaluate your passion for the tech industry and wiliness to learn.

Step 3
After the call, the admission board will review your application. Then you will be emailed your conditional Acceptance Letter or Declining Letter. Make the fee payment to fulfill the condition and keep your spot and admission. Finally you will be informed on the date to collect your starter pack and any courseware.


How to Apply

  1. On the admission application form below, if you are referred by someone, you should place their Recruiter ID or username when requested. If you came on your own – put NA there.
  2. The admission team will call you for a phone interview and then we will review your application. If you are accepted, a conditional admission letter is sent to you.
  3. You must pay the tuition fees stated on the conditional admission letter before the registration is considered complete and then a spot is reserved for you. Also an unconditional acceptance letter will then be issued to you.
  4. Start Now, fill the form below.
  5. If you need any assistance, contact us here.

Admission Details


DWTA Qualifications and Certifications

a. Certificate / Bootcamps >> 1 – 3 months,
b. Diploma >> 5 – 8 months,
c. Advanced Diploma >> 6 – 8 months, (Diploma with internship)
d. Professional Diploma >> 6 – 10 months,
e. Advance Professional Diploma >> 10 – 15 months, (Professional Diploma with internship)
f. Specialist Diploma >> 10 – 15 months, (Professional Diploma with internship, and successful real-life project)
g. External Certification >> 1 – 3 months

See Accreditation and External Certifications here


Submit This Form To Apply

Before filling and submitting this form, please read the instructions above.


You made the right decision by choosing DevWorld Tech Academy.

DWTA prepares you not only for the work place but also, by the end of your study program, equip you with skills required to pass industry standard certifications that are globally recognized, therefore giving you unmatched employability and long term career prospects.

This is made possible by our blended approach of knowledgeable, experienced US universities lectures and Ghanaian experts experienced in the local African markets and industry.


DWTA Admission Application Form
If you do not know, ask the person who told you about us. If you found us on your own type N/A above.
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After sending your application confirmation in the next page, an admission staff will call you to discuss your admission.


Read This Carefully Before Submitting


1. I certify that the statements made on this form and all documents I will present are accurate

2. I understand that my application or registration can be cancelled by the Registrar, if the information and/or documents supplied are found to be incorrect, false or distorted.

3. I confirm that, if admitted, I will conform to the academy's Regulations.

4. I understand that, if admitted, and if my funds are inadequate at any time during my studies, the Academy is not obligated to provide financial assistance either by grant or by remission of fees.

5. I understand that there are Registration fee and Tuition fee to be paid after receiving my Conditional Acceptance letter. I also acknowledge that they are non-refundable.


I understand/acknowledge that the controller of my personal data is DevWorld Tech Academy - DWTA through WealthBankers Limited with its servers located in the United States of America. I understand/acknowledge that my personal data shall be processed and transmitted in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). *

DevWorld Tech Academy - DWTA / WealthBankers Limited will use the information you provide to process and evaluate your application request. We may also use the information from your application to provide you with ongoing updates about our programmes and other activities by e-mail, phone and whatsapp.
You can end communication with us at any time, by requesting not to be contacted again.

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We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught here, to practically create the future and career you desire.