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Please Note:

Admission is Ongoing >>>  Register Now after this, next one is after 3 Months

As announced, all new students are to complete their application processes, tuition fees, and registrations for the next academic session as soon as possible before classes begin for the new session. You can see the step by step info here and the admission requirements here needed to complete your registration on time before space runs out.

30 Days Money-Back Guaranteed

If our school does not teach or offer the great academic program you expected, you can ask for a full refund within your first 30 days. We are that confident in our services.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We are certain that you will find DWTA teaching and other services very satisfying. Report anything you don’t like and implementation of a change will begin within 7 working days.

Earning & Job Guaranteed

If you complete a 12-month-long or longer course in DWTA and don’t make at least Ghc 5000 as a Freelancer, Employee, or Entrepreneur, within 3 months after graduating, we will give you back GHC 7000.

Free Basic Payment Plan

Free Basic Tuition & Guidance payment plan is our effort to ensure that everyone who wishes can acquire knowledge and skills in the technological field. But since its expensive to provide such support, we would not be able to offer the Free Basic payment plan student as much Tuition, Guidance & Support that we provide to the Premium and Core payment plan students.

Features & Benefits​

Quality Learning Resources & Course Materials

For all our study programs and courses we use the top notch curricula recommended and approved by top performing company and experts professionals in the technology and business industries.

Using these high standard curricula, we have gathered and curated (of online content, information, etc. selected, organized, and presented using professional or expert knowledge) quality learning resources and course materials from across companies, institutions and industry professionals across the world.

These study materials (some in video, text or pdf formats) are available to students under the Free Basic Tuition & Guidance payment plan.

Teaching / Lecturing Days

Students that registered under our paid payment plans will have access to online and offline lectures from our instructors. Some will be live and other pre-recorded. This is not available in the Free Basic payment plan.

  • You will have access to the curated course materials.
  • You will NOT have access to the live theory classes (3 hours each day.) with DWTA instructors 
  • You will NOT participate in assignments and exams.
  • Also no practical tasks and projects (from home or meet group mates) or other career path projects and activities are available under the Free Basic payment plan.

Study Program Duration or Length

If you registered to DevWorld Tech Academy under the Free Basic Tuition & Guidance payment plan, we will give you access to our online learning portal to gain skill using the available curated learning resources and course material but nothing else.

You will practically be learning on your own pace. You can either follow the recommended duration for the courses or your can just set your own rules for the duration of study.

Also, note, not all study programs and courses offered at DWTA is available for the Free Basic Tuition and Guidance payment plan.


Info on Assignments, Exams Practical tasks, Group Projects, etc

It takes time, effort, money and a lot of other resources to run and monitor effective assignments, exams, practical tasks and realistic group projects. These benefits are available to different degree to our paid payment plan students depending on the paid  plans that they registered under. But Free Basic payment plan student will not received assignments, exams practical tasks or projects, they only have access to the curated course materials in our online learning portal.


Online Class size for the free payment plan is unlimited. However, we can limit the maximum number of students we accept to study online, using one of the paid payment plans, if we feel a need to in order to maintain the quality of students we graduate.

Offline Class Size: 16 – 30 students (offline classes is not available in Free Basic Payment Plan)

(space is only guaranteed for new students who first pay their tuition fee before space runs out).


DevWorld Tech Academy Skill Tracks has a number of Study Programs under them. And each Study Program has several courses (and sometimes modules) under them.

At the moment we have over five (5) Skill Tracks; including but not limited to Multimedia, Programming, Security, Design, Testing, Writing, Research, etc. Every student must first choose a Skill Track and then select the Study Program (for diploma seekers) or Course or/and Module (for certificate seekers) that they which to study and complete at DWTA.

Learn more about each Skill Track below.

Free Basic Payment Plan – Fees Amount per Session

1 session at DWTA is equal to 3 months.

Tuition fees payment are made at the beginning of every session (not every month).

This is the current pricing for the Skill Tracks under Premium Tuition & Guidance payment plan. You can see the pricing for the Premium Tuition & Guidance payment plan and Core Tuition & Guidance payment plan on their respective pages.

  • Programming Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Security Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Design & Fine Art Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • AudioVisual Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Multimedia Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Testing Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Writing Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Research Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session
  • Competition Skill Track >> GHC 0 per session


 One-time Enrollment / Registration fee

One-time Enrollment / Registration fee to be paid as a new student (non-transferable and non-refundable)

  • GHC 60 >> Free Basic Tuition & Guidance payment plan.
  • GHC 200 >> Core Tuition & Guidance payment plan.
  •  GHC 200 >> Premium Tuition & Guidance payment plan.

Current Student Session Registration

Each session (1 session last 3 months) commences with the students’ registration into a number of courses included in their study program and ends with the final examinations; and real-world projects of these courses if the study material is completed.

The registration fee for each new session is:

  • GHC 50 >> Free Basic Tuition & Guidance payment plan.
  • GHC 50 >> Core Tuition & Guidance payment plan.
  •  GHC 50 >> Premium Tuition & Guidance payment plan5

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