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Fashion Schools in Ghana and their tuition fees

The fashion industry’s influence extends into the realm of education, offering abundant opportunities for aspiring individuals. With increasing investments and the pervasive presence of social media, fashion has become integral even within learning institutions. This integration has led to the emergence of numerous career paths for young, educated enthusiasts of fashion. Ghana, too, is witnessing this trend.

Fashion design schools have proliferated in Ghana in response to the growing demand and competition within the fashion market. Accra particularly stands out as a hub for some of the country’s premier fashion education institutions. Below is a compilation of notable fashion schools in Accra and across Ghana:

School of Fashion and Design Ghana:

Renowned as one of the foremost fashion training institutions in Ghana, the School of Fashion and Design offers a comprehensive array of programs, including degrees, diplomas, and certificates. Equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by qualified instructors, the school nurtures students with the latest trends and skills essential for success in the fashion industry. Additionally, it facilitates direct connections between graduates and the expansive fashion market, ensuring ample opportunities for career advancement.

Second Image Beauty School:

Established in 1986 during an era when fashion education was undervalued, Second Image Beauty School holds the distinction of being one of Ghana’s oldest fashion and design institutions. Over the years, it has remained committed to training aspiring individuals, particularly women and men, in the nuances of fashion and hair beauty. The school’s curriculum not only imparts practical skills but also instills the requisite attitude and passion necessary to excel in the dynamic realm of fashion, thereby empowering students to elevate the industry to new heights.

Riohs College Of Design Ghana formerly Riohs Originate

Riohs Originate is renowned as one of Ghana’s most dynamic fashion and design schools, offering diverse career opportunities within the fashion industry. Since its inception, Riohs Originate has nurtured and propelled numerous prominent figures within the fashion realm. The annual fashion show events hosted by Riohs Originate provide a platform for students to showcase their finest designs, with graduates often gracing the runway with a plethora of creations. Notably, the ‘Graduates Fashion Show’ not only recognizes outstanding talent but also serves as a conduit for students to garner attention from potential investors, thereby opening doors to promising prospects.

Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design 

Vogue Style School of Fashion and Design is synonymous with providing exemplary design training facilitated by seasoned experts entrenched in the fashion domain. Offering a comprehensive array of courses tailored to cater to diverse segments of the fashion market, Vogue Style School equips students with invaluable skills essential for thriving in the industry. Through meticulous instruction and adept guidance, students are empowered to cultivate innovative patterns and styles, thereby positioning themselves for entrepreneurial ventures or lucrative positions within established Ghanaian fashion enterprises.

Jiffah Fashion Designing School 

Nestled in Madina, Ghana, Jiffah Fashion Designing School offers a nurturing environment where aspiring fashion designers can connect and collaborate. With a curriculum grounded in the fundamentals of fashion design, students at Jiffah Fashion Designing School are primed to master presentation techniques crucial for success in the visually-driven fashion arena.

Libelt School of Fashion

At Libelt School of Fashion, the emphasis lies in cultivating a cadre of elite artists, designers, and innovators poised to revolutionize the Ghanaian Fashion Industry. Through an immersive curriculum focusing on the intricacies of fashion creation and the evolving landscape of fashion trends, students at Libelt School of Fashion are not only equipped with technical expertise but also empowered to craft robust business strategies to effectively market their designs.

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