Prerequisites: Learn Cloud Computing in Ghana 

For a computer student like you that want to know what cloud computing is and the prerequisites or requirements you need to know for you to be eligible to learn cloud computing without any worries, then let’s firstly give a brief about what this ‘cloud computing’ is all about.


Introduction to What Cloud Computing is All About:

To simplify the definition, cloud computing is the swift distribution of computing-related services which include servers, storage, networking, etc over the internet or cloud to render a speedy innovation and resources. However, to begin your learning journey on cloud computing, there is cloud computing training in Ghana which is well recommended for you to learn the necessary knowledge on the nitty-gritty of cloud computing.

Now, enrolling yourself in a cloud computing school in Ghana is also needed for you where you will be able to learn cloud computing courses in Ghana as well which will be required to hasten your cloud computing learning in a jiffy.

So, here comes the question that might be popping in your mind for someone like you who is likely getting started to cloud computing and that is – what are the prerequisites or requirements for you to start learning cloud computing?


Prerequisites to Start Learning Cloud Computing

Here, you will get to know the prerequisites or requirements for you to start learning cloud computing as soon as possible. But firstly, I would like you to know that it is not compulsory for you to have a computer engineering or computer science degree before you can be able to learn cloud computing in Ghana. What you need to know is that everything has been made easy for you in today’s world so you do not need to undergo any unnecessary stress before you can learn whatever you want to learn.

During your cloud computing learning process, you will be expected to go through tutorials to help you and that is why cloud computing tutorial in Ghana is being put in place for you to aid your learning curve.

Choosing to begin your cloud computing training in Ghana is a great choice knowing that distance is not a barrier when it comes to learning a skill. There is a cloud computing school in Ghana where someone like you can learn cloud computing as a total beginner from the scratch without you even having any technical skills at your fingertips.

The aspects of cloud computing as a whole talks about various areas such as software infrastructure, hardware infrastructure, data center facilities, software engineering concepts, and virtualization technologies. Attending a cloud computing tutorial in Ghana will enable you to know some of the main concepts you need to know about cloud computing and how all concepts are being related to one another.

When you learn cloud computing courses in Ghana, you will be rest assured that you will know the core aspects of cloud computing by which you will also be moved to practice what you are being taught since practicing will help you to be a master at it.


Assumptions About Learning Cloud Computing

There are various assumptions that are being made when it comes to learning cloud computing. You need to be aware that these assumptions are false, and you do not need to take heed to them before you can learn cloud computing. Let’s highlight and discuss about these assumptions below:


  • Assumption 1: Cloud computing is only for developers and technical people

 This assumption 1 above is false because generally, cloud computing is not for only the developers or technical people but for other roles as well. For instance, cloud computing training in Ghana is for anyone that shows interest in learning cloud computing and such people include marketing people, system administrators, finance experts, computer students, and executives.


  • Assumption 2: For you to learn cloud computing, you should know how to code

Let me tell you this – you do not need to know how to code before you can learn cloud computing so don’t restrict yourself to assumption 2 which is also a false assumption. For someone like you who want to learn cloud computing in Ghana, you do not need to have the knowledge of coding at all before learning cloud computing.


  • Assumption 3: You need to have some previous experience in the Internet and Technology (IT) world

This is also a negative assumption you need to overlook because cloud computing is a technology that is accepted in all industries apart from internet and technology (IT). You might be a new person to the IT world and you will still be able to learn in any cloud computing training in Ghana wherever you find yourself and also be able to make good use of what you learn in the training and apply the knowledge for better purpose.

Furthermore, you can enroll yourself in a specialised cloud computing school in Ghana to make learning an easy breezy for you.


3 Core Aspects You Are Required to Know About To Learn Cloud Computing

These 3 core aspects are a few important prerequisites you have to put in place and they include:

  • Operating Systems
  • Virtualization
  • Networking


Operating Systems:

For you to learn cloud computing, you are required to learn some certain skills that are related to Operating System (OS) basic concepts such as Windows, Linux, etc. And these concepts are what you will learn in cloud computing training in Ghana to develop you.



Virtualization plays an important role in cloud computing. It enables you to create a virtual environments which has a certain amounts of RAM, CPU, and the storage space allocated and installation of any OS.



After having the knowledge of Operating System and Virtualization, then you need to have a good understanding of networking and how it works. Networking is part of what you will be taught in cloud computing tutorial in Ghana which will help you to understand how the cloud can be used to improve your network infrastructure.


Private Cloud Computing vs. Public Cloud Computing

This is a discussion that is related to cloud computing world. Let’s settle the discussion below:


Private Cloud Computing:

Private Cloud Computing (PC) is a model of technology infrastructure in which an organization separates its data centers. Private Clouds are operated by the organization and are isolated from the public cloud. The private cloud is accessible by authorized users and provides the organization with the ability to manage its data and applications privately.


Public Cloud Computing:

Public cloud computing is a model for delivering software as a service over the Internet. In a public cloud, applications and data are hosted by a provider who is constantly upgrading and expanding the infrastructure. Customers can access public cloud services through a variety of devices, including personal computers, mobile devices, and cloud-enabled operating systems

The public cloud model allows organizations to offload certain software-as-a-service (SaaS) and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) needs to an external, managed service. Note that we also have the Hybrid Cloud Computing, so let’s talk about that also.


Hybrid Cloud Computing:

Hybrid cloud computing is a type of cloud computing where an organization mixes different cloud computing models together. Usually, a hybrid cloud is composed of two models: private and public cloud. This can be done for a variety of reasons, such as wanting to have control of the data center infrastructure and security, or wanting to use the public cloud for certain workloads and have private resources for others.


Knowing Cloud Computing in Ghana: Conclusion 

Having known the requirements and prerequisites you need to know before learning cloud computing, then it is highly recommended for you to begin your cloud computing training in Ghana at DevWorld Tech Academy where you will be able to gain the necessary knowledge needed.

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