Insight About Mobile App Development, and How DWTA is Offering Practical Study to Students in Accra,Ghana



Back in the days where mobile phones were used for only making and receiving calls and text messages, everyone thought that it has made their communications easy, which is undeniably true. But now, the mobile phone has moved with such a speed that has beaten our imaginations as it has served a lot of purposes.

In 1993, a technology company well known as IBM (International Business Machines) was the first company to introduce a Mobile App for general use but bit did not gain much fame by then as it has only some basic features.

The major advancement in the evolution of the mobile app development came into existence in the year 2002 as the much-awaited BlackBerry Smartphones were introduced into the business market for general use and that is just the beginning of a wireless emailing.

 Mobile app technology has served the purpose of closing the communication gaps and it has slowly transformed into a device that serves business, entertainment, and many more purposes.

Many more trooped in as the year passed by, making it easier for everyone to use its features and making it simple and not difficult to operate.


Finding a School in Ghana to be Taught Mobile App Development

There are few schools in Ghana that have  Mobile App Development in their study programs and it is considered to be expensive per their term of payment and on top of that many students end up being unemployed. Those schools are noted to offer more percentage of theory than practical.

Searching for a school that is reliable and affordable, look no further than DevWorld Tech Academy. I found out more about this school when I had a brief chat with the director on phone to make an inquiry and I have found out a lot and would like to share it with you to make your work easier in finding a mobile app development institute.


My brief research into the institute – DevWorld Tech Academy

DevWorld Tech Academy was established as a result of the high demand for a diverse pool of talented and qualified people in both Ghana and International to meet up the start of the Tech Industry. This went a long way to bring out best experts when it comes to jobs in the IT field as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and employee. DWTA shows you how to use your skills and the knowledge that has been impacted to create the future you desire.


Before applicants will be accepted, this is what is required of them to do.

Most of the Study Programs at DWTA are computer-related and without a laptop, it is impossible to study courses that are thought practically. This helps to sharpen skills by doing assignments and project works. Below are the studies programs added to the Mobile App Development Course:

Software Development Department.

  • Game Design and Development
  • Software Engineering Fundamentals, Design, Architecture and Development Lifecycle including Open Source Software Development (Linux and Git)
  • Software Engineering Fundamentals, Design and Architecture

Mobile Application Development Department

  • Android App Development
  • iOS App Development with Swift
  • iOS Development for Creative Entrepreneurs – This is great, for it is not available in most schools to admit applicants who are fifteen years of age. But this is exceptional at DWTA as they take a student from fifteen years to Forty years(15yrs – 40yrs)  both males and females can apply this outstanding program, as well as companies and individuals. They can apply without any barrier.

And one amazing fact is that tertiary institutions are taking only WASSCE certificate but DevWorld Tech Academy takes applicants from the BECE level upwards. This makes the study of IT easier and flexible.

  • After all the phone inquiry I have to go further by paying a visit to the school to know about their structures and lecture halls.

My arrival at their lecture hall is one of a kind, for it is the same on their website I was not disappointed upon my arrival at the school. The staff are very friendly as they welcomed me to their school, they made me feel comfortable and they showed me around and made me know how spacious the lecture halls are, it was so insightful to know that their big lecture hall only takes from 15 – 30 students at a time.

Most of the study programs offered are in certificate, diploma and professional diploma. Not only that but they have a study counselor who helps in choosing an applicant1s career path. My time with the administrator got me realized that the tuition fees are affordable and the term of payment is very flexible.


Probing further I have gained this information that other study programs are available such as

  • Algorithms and Algorithms for Battery Management Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • AI Foundations and Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science with Python (Intro, Applied, Advanced)
  • Big Data, Data Insights, Data Engineering and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Computing, Data Insights, Data Engineering, Machine Learning with Tensor Flow) and Developing Applications with Google Cloud (all on Google Cloud Platform)

There are more study programs to explore and it is just a click away — DevWorld Tech Academy’s online courses or offline courses

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