Why I Consider DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA) as The Best Graphic Design Institute

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Insight into the Graphic Design Industry

Graphic design is the act of creating visuals to communicate and solve a problem. Graphic design started in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, around an estimated year, which is  17, 000 years old cave painting.

In the year 1920, graphic designing has advanced from prints to cover a range of activities such as logo creation which is used to attract viewers using images, colors, and topography.

Searching for a graphic designing school is not the problem but getting access to the quality and right School has been the issue that leaves one in a dilemma.

DevWorld Tech Academy’s online courses or offline courses


Finding the best, quality and affordable IT school in just a click 

You are making the right decision as I introduce to you the best Graphic design school, which is DevWorld Tech Academy. I am always excited about DevWorld Tech Academy for they always meet my expectations when it comes to quality teaching and learning, I also realized that the lectures are well qualified and are up to American standards.

Our fast-paced Study programs and courses are the perfect introduction to design thinking. We equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge and skills you need to kick start your journey as an entrepreneur, freelancer, and an employee.


Below are the study programs for a graphic designing student at DWTA

  • Interaction Design
  • User Experience Research and Design
  • UI / UX Design
  • Graphic Design & Graphic Design Elements
  • User Interface Design

This study programs will help an individual applicant, for he is not learning one course but will be equipped with many to be able to stand tall among others who studied only one course. This gives him an opportunity to be chosen out of many due to the skills acquired and this can go a long way in helping you to kick-start your journey as an entrepreneur and /or a freelancer journey.

When it comes to the tuition fees of DevWorld Tech Academy it is very affordable and we have flexible terms of payment. DWTA has other study programs and the level a student wants to apply, the school has the certificate, diploma and professional diploma and this qualification will go a long way in helping the student choose a career path.


The other study programs include

  • I T Fundamentals for Cybersecurity & Applied Cybersecurity
  • Fundamentals of Computer Network Security, Secure Coding Practices, IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity, Secure Software Design

Programming Department

  • Introduction to Programming in C & Computational Thinking with Beginning C Programming you can visit our online page to get more information

 Artificial Intelligence, Data Science & Cloud Computing in this study programs we have and most of the study programs are all from different faculties

  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • AI Foundations and Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Insights and many more advanced study programs
  • Cloud Computing, Data Insights, Data Engineering, Machine Learning with Tensor Flow and Developing


DWTA academic Sessions: 4 sessions per year (3 months per session).

  • 1st session: September – December
  • 2nd session: January – April
  • 3rd session: April – July
  • 4th session: July – September
  • Certificate Programs Time Duration: 2 – 3 sessions (6 – 9 months).
  • Diploma Programs Time Duration: 4 – 5 sessions (12 – 15 months).
  • Professional Diploma Programs Time Duration: Diploma session + 1 extra session.

Professional Diploma  – students will require one extra lecture to complete the Diploma. The difference between Diploma and Professional Diploma students is one extra session and a path project that a student will undergo. DevWorld Tech Academy’s online courses or offline courses.


Concurrent class schedules per session

  • Weekdays only (3 times) schedule
  • Weekend only (Fri & Sat) schedule


For each study programs 16- 30 students study in one lecture as scheduled

Lessons and all the Projects timetable for every session will be different and will be provided at the beginning of each session. You can access your timetable in the school’s student portal. Projects are given to students to help them know more about the job market before they apply as it also exposes the students to a potential employer.

Through that they get to know the skills they can exhibit and it provides an opportunity for employment. The projects are mini-project, micro project, major project, graduating project, and Path project. The certificate holders also have an opportunity of having an internship with great companies to get exposure to their related carrier industry.

This information will help you gain more understanding of how DevWorld Tech Academy has planned the way students will be admitted to make teaching and learning easier and comfortable.

All the study programs are for people all over the world who are new and want to know more about IT, it does not matter if you are from a corporation, independent individual, business startups, government organization or an academic institution. DWTA welcomes you all.

DevWorld Tech Academy is the best choice when it comes to Information Technology Schools. For more information & contact, please clickhttps://wealthbankers.com/academy/support/

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