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7 Computer Programming Languages Best for Web Development Taught at Best IT Schools in Accra, Ghana

Are you struggling to learn Website development from trash to premium? This article is going to help you how to learn Computer Programming courses as a complete beginner. It is not an undoable thing. All you need is to get the right form of knowledge from accurate sources.

Despite being considered programming as a complex field, it is divided into two basic categories Frontend programming and Backend programming.

Both categories are considered vital in web development. Backend development is further classified with the help of different languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. Similarly, as far as Frontend development is concerned, it is supported by a variety of tools and gadgets. WordPress is the most common Software for making Frontend of the website.

When you decide to learn Website development. Firstly, you need to understand where to start or from which language we can start our journey.

Secondly, the implementation of Language according to the requirements of the client. All languages are not capable of doing whole stuff so you need to switch from one language to another language.

That switching is only possible when you are capable of more than one language.


7 Most Important and Widely Used Computer Programming Languages.

Here in this article, we will analyze the 7 most important and widely used Computer Programming languages.


  1. PHP:

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) language is a notorious Programming language in the domain of Website development. This vast and multifunctional language was designed in 1994 specially for the purpose of Web development.  PHP is operatable on any kind of modern operating system for instance Unix, Linux, macOS, Windows, etc.

The multifunctional characteristics of this language make it a most growing Programming language. If you are an absolute beginner then you can go with PHP as the First choice of Website Programming learner.


  1. Ruby:

Ruby is built for the general purposes of Backend Development. This is the model language for Object-oriented programming and the formatting of different items. Ruby is commonly used among Backend Web developers and recommended for newcomers by Experts in the field.

Moreover, it is considered to be the easiest Programming language compared to java. In addition to this, it is built on other basic languages such as Ada, Eiffel, Perl, and Lisp.

Ruby is capable of doing work with any kind of Operating System such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, etc. A large standard library, reliability, and flexibility are some common features of this language.


  1. JavaScript:

It is not wrong to say that JavaScript is the most recognized Programming language in the world of Website development. Some people consider JavaScript as a complete package for creating websites.

According to a recent survey of reliable organizations, JavaScript is the most used programming language. Above all, it has the capacity to be used for Frontend Development and Backend Development.

Huge community support, item-oriented programming, client-side validation, dynamic typing, and scripting language are the extraordinary qualities of this language.


  1. Java:

Java is another remarkable programming language for Backend Website development. It is notorious for Web Application development in addition to this Android Application development, research Applications, gaming applications, etc.

The major advantage of this language is its feature of Reading only once and using this anywhere on any system.

Other Features of Java contain vast open-source resources, wastage collections, resources management, etc.


  1. Python:

Python is widely known as a Programming language for complex functions such as data science, Machine learning, and the Internet of Things but you will be amazed by knowing that Python is equally capable of Backend website development. The predominant feature of Python is its vast resource libraries. The readability level of Python is quite comfortable and efficient.

The GUI Support programming, efficiency, and accuracy are silent features of python.


  1. C#:

Over the record many years, C# is still ranked under the top 6 Website development languages. Microsoft introduced this language initially for the general purposes of .Net.

Contemporary, it is commonly used for Game development, web application development, Object-orientation and so on. The vast libraries of C# enhance the Programmer’s efficiency, speed, and productivity.

Therefore, if you are a beginner in the learning of Website development languages then you can go with this language. It will be worthy to start with your journey.


  1. Golang:

Stack Overflow has shown in its annual report that Golang is among the top 5 Programming languages for Website development. Generally speaking, this language has great potential but is commonly underrated by stream media. The garbage collection, Multithreading, and huge content libraries boost the capabilities of the developer.

Go is capable of making Web Applications, Android applications, research applications, and so on.



As the top 7 languages have been discussed in detail. Now you can choose them according to your accessibility. Above all, be conscious about choosing any language because each has specific characteristics and features. Moreover, you can go to a computer programming training school to study Web development fast.

DevWorld Tech Academy Computer Training schools are established to educate people about Computer Programming basics to learn web development courses as the beginner. All the Best!

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