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Another frustration that drove us into establishing DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA, was the magnitude of “tech expert” who came to our job interviews possessing paper qualification but nothing else. 

We want to work with IT experts who great and comfortable with tech – practical skills. So our tech department open its doors to train talent passionate tech expert through real-life projects.

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The courses and projects taught and preformed at DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA can be addressed in various levels and depths allowing students to graduate with varying kinds of qualifications and results. 

Holding true to our conviction as the best computer / IT schools in Ghana, we prepare our students adequately to face the job industries, skill market and challenges of the real world.

We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught, to practically create the future and career you desire.

DevWorld Tech Academy – DWTA’s purpose is to groom well-rounded Developers and IT experts who understand the theories, but are also very practical, experienced (through doing) and who are not afraid of technology.

We use a blended approach in our school. Where we use a healthy mix of instructor-led practical/project focused classes and US universities lecturer and experts web classes to produce the best IT experts for our society from best it schools in Ghana, Accra.

The level and depth of the course work and projects you will be taken thorough depend on the type of qualification you wish to graduate with. The time spend studying your program at the best computer school in Ghana depends on this as well.

We have these qualifications: Certificate, Diploma ( with internship gets Advanced Diploma, Professional Diploma ( with internship gets Advanced Professional Diploma)

The best way to be proficient in a skill in by practicing what you have be taught. And the more real-life like your practice is, the better. 

DWTA student completes numerous projects on a regular basis before their graduation from the best computer IT school in Ghana. There are Micro Projects, Mini Projects , Major Projects, Graduation Projects and Path Projects.

The type of project a student is performing at any given time depends on the qualification they are study toward, the period of trimester it is, the career path school and many other factors.