Data Scientist Honest Review: After Graduating & Working for a Year – Learn Data Analytics & Data Science Training in Ghana

I began working as a Data Scientist about a year ago. My thoughts on it came from several different expectations from the Data Analytics & Data Science training in Ghana. Having its own advantages and disadvantages, Data Analytics & Data Science in Ghana is a very lucrative job.

I would suggest you take my advice on this from my own point of view. Note: This article was adapted for Ghanaian students from a similar piece written by Abhishek Parbhakar


My Programming, Data Analytics & Data Science Beginnings

To help you have a clear understanding of where I am coming from, I will tell you a brief history about me.

Learning basic programming and mathematics are things that interest me as a student in my school days. I worked with an AI consulting firm immediately after graduation where I work on client projects relating to Data Analytics & Data Science in Ghana. In reality I make certain mistakes which tells me that I am still in the learning process.


My Data Science & Data Analytics Observations

As a data scientist, you don’t control the data, you provide a form for it to be more self-expressive.


1. Data Science & Data Analytics tutorial in Ghana can be really fun if..

Data Analytics & Data Science in Ghana is a great job where you can do all the great things together: math, coding, and research. A job where you can read research in the morning, write an algorithm in the afternoon, and code in the evening. But here’s the catch: in the Data Analytics & Data Science tutorial in Ghana, you have to do “just a few” in math, coding, and research.

You cannot leave any of it and you cannot study any part of it. In some cases, you may not need to read research and can directly use code libraries and start implementing. And due to time constraints, the only part where you have the opportunity to explore in depth is the data preparation (and any presentations that need to be made).

If you’re someone who loves code and wants to do it as much as possible, Data science math will bite your head off. You won’t get a chance to show off your Ninja coding skills. As a code lover turned Scientist, you only have two choices: let the math win you over or beat it. If you are a math lover who wants to solve complex problems, data preparation and monotonous programming will kill you.


The way to proceed in Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana is to find the right balance between coding and math/research. Most importantly, appreciate the different aspects of your work while focusing on getting results. Also, Data Analytics & Data Science tutorial in Ghana, as an evolving field and an uncertain guide to success, requires a lot of hard work, constant learning, and most importantly, unlearning (you never know when the “best” will become “good”). Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana allows you to work on many interesting things at once: code, math, research, and sometimes presentations. Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana may not allow you to dive deep into every single aspect


2. Data Analytics & Data Science tutorial in Ghana is more of a “business” than a “science”.


Data Scientists “actually” use scientific techniques to create value for society. The job of Data Scientists is not only to find the best solution, but also to find a solution that can be easily translated and sold. In computer science, when competing assumptions are found, business logic is always superior to scientific logic. In Data Analytics & Data Science training in Ghana, knowledge of artificial intelligence, especially the Machine Learning subfield, is enough to get you started, but not enough to get you going. To be successful in data science projects, “science” is not enough, you also need to understand economics and marketing to do your job and create value for the company.


3. The job of a Data Scientist is effective, but like any “other” job


You have the “potential” to make a huge “impact” as a data scientist, but you have it as a teacher, software engineer, journalist, or salesperson. Computer science is undoubtedly changing our world, but the areas where you can play an important role and “make an impact” as a data scientist are rare. Data Analytics & Data Science tutorial in Ghana is promoted as a mystery that is supposed to “change” the world of the Internet is not always true. The kind of “impact” you want to have that is discussed on the internet and what a company can do for you outside of chance can be very different. If you are a smart and ambitious person who uses data science you have acquired from Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana to make an “impact”, make sure you are a “fit” for the field and your definition of impact is aligned with the impact you will provide to society.


4. The current economy dictates data science


Currently, Data Scientist is a “hot” job and you will often be contacted by many recruiters on a regular basis to see if you want to transfer. Data Scientists gain a lot of respect in the organization and are paid heavily. I don’t recommend becoming a Data Scientist from Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana because money is your main motivation. If you’re doing data science just for the money, remember that sooner or later the same economy will lose high wages. Only your interest in the field will sustain you.


5. Data Scientist experience as a springboard


Data Analytics & Data Science in Ghana will help you build a solid foundation for a data-driven world and a more realistic analysis of the limitations and strengths of AI-related technologies. Even if you choose to stay away from hands-on jobs, Data Scientist experience can be valuable in your future endeavors. Some of them are:


Academic Research (Masters / PhD / Post Doc / Independent): Data Analytics & Data Science in Ghana will spend a lot of time experimenting, reading scientific papers and debating ideas with their colleagues. All of these activities can prove to be valuable assets for conducting research.


Startups: Of course, you can work in a technical role at an AI startup or start your own after working as a Data Scientist. However, you can also take on non-technical roles at an AI startup, such as sales, business planning, or finance. Your knowledge will help you better understand and sell the product to customers, estimate costs and project requirements, and you won’t usually feel like an outsider. There can be any number of reasons why you might want to work in a non-technical role after gaining experience as a Data Scientist, one being that it is important to you to look at the number of people who are coding all the time. The executive team of any successful technology company.


Governments and Global Organizations: Governments are particularly interested in the Data Analytics & Data Science school in Ghana  in the societal impact of AI systems and how they can best be used for sustainable development. You can use your experience as a Data Scientist to work in AI policy-related roles where a more advanced understanding of AI is needed to create policies and regulations that work best for society.


Note: These are my personal opinions and you may or may not agree. These are just a few key points I want to share that I learned while working as a “Data Scientist” for a year after college. Your experience may be very different from what I described above.

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