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Earning some cash as a result of work done is a dream of everyone that’s working .so DWTA Affiliates is giving you the opportunity to make some money by referring a student to DevWorld Tech Academy.

You may be wondering about the categories of people who qualify to be our affiliates, DWTA has opened its doors to Individuals, Bloggers, group administrators, webmaster, Vloggers, Agencies, Schools, Remote marketer, freelancers, and student recruiters especially the social media users, are all welcomed to join.

Info Pages & Links for Prospective Students


This is how you earn with DWTA as a:

Interested Individual: as an individual, you can register online and after the approval, you can start earning by posting information about DWTA on your social media pages such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other and after getting your applicant to complete the application process and tuition fees, you get your cash in return. You can share your link with your applicant in terms of filling the application forms online.

Group Administrators and freelancers.

You can generate some money by recruiting students to DevWorld Tech Academy by sharing your unique link/invite code on your social media / WhatsApp groups. Register now and start to earn some money.

Vloggers / Bloggers / Webmasters

DevWorld Tech Academy has this opportunity for you to monetize your online content, influence and boost your revenue stream. Fill the form online and let’s get started.

Agencies / Companies / Schools

Since you already know and have access to a significant number of students. DevWorld Tech Academy pays you handsomely for students you refer to us. Submit the form below and let’s get started.

Promotional: Regular Commission with Bonus

The commission amounts below are only valid for students you recruited between the time range of 5th February 2020 to 30th March 2020 who paid their tuition fees and completed registration before March 30th, 2020.

  • GHC 200.00  for each  student — 1 to 6 students


  • GHC 220.00  for each student — 7 to 10 students


  • GHC 250.00 for each student — 11 to unlimited students


  • Team Leaders will get GHC 30 extra for each student their team member recruits.
  • Team Leaders will be paid   GHC 50 extra if they a new recruiter to their team and who makes their first successful student recruitment.
  • The teams that perform well will get a bonus after each academic session recruitment.

Not Eligible Programs.

All study programs with tuition fees of GHc 600 or less are not eligible programs. You will not be paid for referring a student to them.

Regular Commission

See intake periods here

  •  You will be paid GHC 150.00 per student — 1 to 6 students per intake period
  • GHC 170.00 from  7 to 10 students per intake period, that is for each student.


  • GHC 200.00 for each student — 11 to unlimited per intake period


  • Team Leaders will be paid GHC 30 extra for each student their team member recruits.


  • Team Leaders will receive GHC 50 extra if they a new recruiter to their team and who makes their first successful student recruitment.


  • The best team performance will receive a bonus after each academic session recruitment.


How to Get Paid

  1. After your acceptance, you have to immediately start, get students to apply quickly. You get a higher commission if your students complete registration early.
  2. On the admission application form, you or your student should place your Recruiter ID or username when requested. This is how we know it is your student.
  3. The admission team will review your student’s application. If the student is accepted, a conditional admission letter is sent to you and your student.
  4. The student has to pay the tuition fees stated on the conditional admission letter before the enrollment is considered complete and then a spot is reserved for the student. The student has the opportunity for a 7 days refund period after paying their tuition fees. After the 7 days grace period, no refund will be made. Also, an unconditional acceptance letter will then be issued to the student.
  5. DWTA have 4 intake periods each year. This is a payout period for student recruiters for each intake period. The payout period is two weeks after each month. We make your commission payments very flexible and easy through Mobile Money or Bank Deposit.
  6.  The more you refer students, the more you get paid. Take notice of the intake period or admission window for each session.


Refer a friend with these steps.

  1. Create your account in order for you to trace your promotion
  2. Preach  DWTA to your Audience and share more
  3. Give out your Link or Invite Code to your applicants to apply with
  4. Then you get paid for those who complete their registration



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