What Do You Know About The ClickBank Affiliate Program?

Click bank affiliate program| how to make money online with affiliate marketing

What is ClickBank? 

Clickbank is usually considered by most people as just another affiliate network. But unlike the traditional affiliate platforms out there, Clickbank serves as a marketplace for both people who create products and the affiliate marketers who promote those products, so they can make money together without complex paperwork or agreements.

Click Bank has partnered with digital marketers for over 17 years in order to sell their products to more than 200 million clients around the world. The digital marketers use their affiliate network because of their ever-expanding array of quality digital products and their enviable reputation of been reliable. Digital marketers have the assurance of being paid on time. That helps in building confidence as well as trust in Click Bank and their systems.

Info Pages & Links for Prospective Students


In this article, I will be talking about their affiliate program and how you can use it to create an online stream of income. Also, if you are committed enough to read this article to the end, I will reveal to you another affiliate program in Africa that anyone can join and get pays higher commissions (minimum GHC 200 per referral).

It has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, thus when someone clicks on your link today and you still get paid even if they take up to 30 days to decide to buy or enrol. This other affiliate program also pays you for referring other affiliate marketers. So be sure you make it to the end.


How to Start Your Journey of Making Money on ClickBank

clickbank affiliate program, how to make online

Make a Choice Now: ClickBank gives you a variety of digital products and offers for you to make a choice on what products to promote. You can visit their marketplace to choose what product that you think you can be the best to promote it.

Earn A Higher Commission

They pay the highest commission due to the fact that quality marketing deserves a huge amount of payment. ClickBank works with their product makers to make the commission as competitive as possible, which can be up to 75%. Some vendors even pay up to 1005% commission when some specific milestones or targets have been hit.

Aside from these, the merchants as well as ClickBank itself hosts affiliate contests where affiliates battle each other to emerge the super affiliate. Rewards can include cash amounts, consumer electronics such as laptops, and even cars.

Swift Payment

Click Banks have built a character of paying Affiliate Markers without delay for 17 years now and payment is been done according to your preference which either monthly or weekly method of payment, with different payment options. Thankfully, Click Bank’s” HOPLINK™” a good tracking system,  will help and you’ll always gain credit for your sales even if a customer delays up to 60 days to buy a  product after clicking on your link.

Get Recurring Commission

Most of the products accessible on Click Bank are sold on a repeated subscription basis. These are one of the greatest opportunities for digital marketers because, as long as the customer continues to subscribe, you’ll continue generating money months after months, year after year,  after making the original sale.

Publish Automatic Upsell Offers

You can choose to advertise products that offer customers upsell options as part of their buying process. Upsells gives more value to customers and put more money in your pocket as an affiliate.

Refer a Friend for Partnerships to Increase Your Income

Their distinctive joint program gives you the opportunity to easily share earnings with other Click Bank partners. You’re in charge, so you can start a joint venture deals of referring Click Bank to others and sharing contracts that work for you and you get paid for that. They will handle your payments making partnership easier than ever.

Get Advanced Analytics

With their unique reporting, you’ll get access to accurate data about all your marketing activities, including impression on clients, clicks,  sales for your offers. Fully loaded with this information will enable you, to fine-tune your campaign to a target audience to increase your earnings.



DWTA Affiliate Program – Bonus for those who are committed


Now for those of you who were committed enough to read it to the bottom here, congratulations!

Commitment leads to success, and to help expedite the success you seek, here is the high ticket affiliate program (high paying affiliate program) I promised you. And you can join from any part of the world.

This high ticket affiliate program I am talking about is run by DevWorld Tech Academy, a Tech educational institute or hub in Accra, Ghana.

It is one of the few IT educational institutes in Africa that impart quality and practical skills to their students through hands-on and real-life projects.

DWTA affiliate program is one of the best in Africa in terms of their commission, tracking, and ease of payment. Affiliate partners are paid a whopping amount of GHC 150 to GHC 250 for every student referred to. And even if students apply 30 days after clicking your link, you still get paid for completed registrations.

You also earn more if you refer other affiliates to join DWTA Affiliate Partners Program.

Click here to learn more about it and also start earning big today!

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