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The internet has forever changed how we interact with the world around us, how we communicate and even how we do business. Nowadays, the internet has made it very easy for anyone with a drive to conceive a business idea, create a website, and literally be in business all in a matter of days. That would have been considered completely delusional a couple of decades ago.

There are nearly a thousand business models out there can be created solely by the usage of the internet and generate a lot of money, however, each one of them comes with its own technicalities and difficulties, as per any business. however, one business model that is fairly easy to start and has the potential to generate a decent amount of revenue if taken seriously is Affiliate Marketing.

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Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s (or company’s) products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make. It is one of the business models with the lowest barrier of entry as well as has the ability to make a lot of income. There are many tools and services out there that are focused on making the creation of an affiliate marketing business more easier and much effective. One of such is Wealthy Affiliate.

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Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-in-one affiliate marketing solution provider. It is essentially an online platform and community of Internet and affiliate marketers. Wealthy Affiliate has been in existence since 2005 and in 193 countries including Ghana, and recently supports more than two million subscribers.  Members can view more than 500 tutorial videos on-demand, with a live training course starting every week of the year. Practical training is well crafted to help new members to start on the path of profiting as quickly as possible. There’s no need for you to watch all the videos before starting to build a site and there is no forced testing to reach the next level like other schools. Wealthy Affiliate has been created so that most people could be successful after they start.

If you are committed enough to read this article to the end, I will reveal to you another affiliate program in Africa that anyone can join and get pays higher commissions (minimum GHC 200 per referral).

It has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, thus when someone clicks on your link today and you still get paid even if they take up to 30 days to decide to buy or enroll. This other affiliate program also pays you for referring other affiliate marketers.

Education for Optimal Results

Wealthy Affiliate is creating all the ideas they’ve had in the past couple of years into our 2020 education changes. These changes will help people start faster, sustain longer, and generally profit more from the affiliate marketing offered.

Membership: for starters, membership is free and the Premium access will cost you $49 a month or $359 per year if paid upfront. It’s amazing to know that WA have their own affiliate and you can join where you can join for free with easy steps.

Wealthy Affiliate is not only focused on education, but it’s also helping members set up strategies every day and they constructed a managed web service over the years, which members can use to create a website within a few seconds. They offer a managed Word Press hosting, which is a good way of saying the back end of the websites is been sorted out. Members don’t have to worry about code, system updates, backups, or anything else of that sort.

Community Mindset

Wealthy Affiliate is not all about making more money, but we also create a community of like-minded people from around the world. They help to connect with new people regularly, and they are all focused on creating the best life, this is very motivating and it’s certainly helped a lot of businesses. But they lack some truly beneficial features. This $49 per month premium membership gets you replays of live sessions, industrial training modules, more certificates, and even gives you the possibility to create your own training. Wealthy Affiliate only works because of people like you and me who want to succeed. From web hosting to the real training, when you use it, it can help u achieve your dreams.


Wealthy Affiliate is committed to growing so that subscribers can succeed.

affiliate marketing growth

When the clients are successful, they continue using the site’s services to influence the affiliate marketing niche. Clients get the help they need to reach true independence each and every day. Success is not a short term, nor is it something that can be taken away from you. And if the internet faces a challenge, you have the skills to continue making an independent living. Thanks to the training Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Wealthy Affiliate gives its subscribers tools to be great

More people can be in the same niche, but all of our sites will speak to different crowds. Clients use their own magical ingredients to make affiliate marketing work. In case this post has drawn your interest, check out Wealthy Affiliate here. You can cruise around in a starter account for free to explore or sign up for premium at a special first-month introductory rate of $8 to get a jump start on building your financial freedom.


If you do a research on Wealthy Affiliate and its community, you will get a lot of articles, news, and headlines concerning Wealthy Affiliate and their scam policies. These are all related to the scammers. We have mentioned before that if Wealthy Affiliate is legitimate or not, it is totally up to you. You can use this platform directly by signing up and purchasing the subscription. But, if you use an unknown source or link, you will get scammed. The scammers use the links which you use to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, and they send you emails and notifications about monthly programs or classes. This is how the scamming is done and you will think that Wealthy Affiliate is sending them those emails, but it is not a Wealthy Affiliate. If you read Wealthy Affiliate BBB articles, you will find out that BBB approves of Wealthy Affiliate as a well-trusted source of earning money and doing marketing related stuff. For inquiries, you can contact them


Black Friday is the best time to invest in Wealthy Affiliate as it is the cheapest time to buy a membership or to keep your existing one. Despite the success of WA, there are others out there competing with them, they are CB Passive income 5.0, Chris Farrell Membership and many others.

Starters  Commissions:

Initial $19 offer, Commission = $4
$49/month, Commission = $11.25 recurring
$234/six-month, Commission = $54 recurring
$359/year, Commission = $87.50 recurring

If you are a Premium Member here at Wealthy Affiliate, you get double the commissions as an affiliate and you also get to take part in our $1 credit program, and this allows you to gain from free members you sign-up that set-up their accounts. You can also earn money with each domain your referrals buy.

Premium Member Commissions: (100% higher commissions!!!)

Credits: They Set-up their account => $1 (per referral)
Domain Purchases
: => $1 recurring
Initial $19 offer, Commission
=> $8 (one time)
$49/month, Commission =>
$23.50 (recurring every month)
$234/six-month, Commission =>
$108 (recurring every six months)
$359/year, Commission =>
$175 (recurring yearly)!


DWTA Affiliate Program – Bonus for those who are committed


Now for those of you who were committed enough to read it to the bottom here, congratulations!

Commitment leads to success, and to help expedite the success you seek, here is the high ticket affiliate program (high paying affiliate program) I promised you. And you can join from any part of the world.

This high ticket affiliate program I am talking about is run by DevWorld Tech Academy, a Tech educational institute or hub in Accra, Ghana.

It is one of the few IT educational institutes in Africa that impart quality and practical skills to their students through hands-on and real-life projects.

DWTA affiliate program is one of the best in Africa in terms of their commission, tracking, and ease of payment. Affiliate partners are paid a whopping amount of GHC 150 to GHC 250 for every student referred to. And even if students apply 30 days after clicking your link, you still get paid for completed registrations.

You also earn more if you refer other affiliates to join DWTA Affiliate Partners Program.

Click here to learn more about it and also start earning big today!

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