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In today’s technological age, computer programming skills have become a necessity for everyone including students. Apart from offering a distinct advantage in the career market, programming has many other advantages.

Running applications on a computer, you don’t have to know what the computer is doing; However, a better understanding of the processes that happen inside the computer will ensure better results. Programming is important for learning to innovate, create healthy eco-friendly solutions for global problems.

Programming is important in our daily life as well as businesses to enhance and increase the usefulness of computers and the internet. Programming is important for the direct speed-up of the input and output processes and efficiency of a machine.


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Computer coding is the universal language of the Tech/IT industry. People who are well advance on how to code will be able to swiftly communicate across countries and cultures, A programmer has a prime role to be innovative and solve problems more efficiently, with no barriers to block or hinder their success. Also, learning programming at a young age helps solve everyday problems and get set up for a lifetime of opportunities. 



Learning coding will increase your problem-solving skills and innovative thinking.   programs that are easy like Scratch or Kodu can make a significant change in the skill sets of students even if they are ready to delve into advanced programming languages like PHP.

Computers can be used as an educational medium through programming languages that will inspire students to explore, experiment, and arrive at conclusions. Apart from cutting-edge logical thinking, programming will develop the learning behavior of the students. 


The Top Coding Schools in Ghana. –  the following are the best coding schools in Ghana. 

In a technology-based world of today, people with good computer skills will have a distinct edge over their less computer savvy counterparts in the job market. There is a higher demand in computer-related professions, which is expected to increase by 32 percent by 2018. Programmers with expertise in niche areas like the Internet, intranet and Web 2.0 applications will be in particular demand. 

The software tools and platforms undergo rapid transformation by the day and to keep up with the pace, programmers have to keep themselves regularly updated. Though the programs that you learn might become obsolete the real advantage of learning to code. 

There are so many reasons why you should learn computer programming, I have rated a number of schools that I think you should enroll to learn to code  

1.  DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA)  – This is a practical inclined skilled college in the field of tech and it is also a platform to sharpen and broaden the knowledge of IT inclined individuals and also in business to bring potential of individuals into reality 

Why I put this school on the first list among other schools. 

  •  DWTA has a record of delivering 80%  practical and 20%  theory. 
  • Opportunity for you to freelance and earn money while schooling. 
  • A guaranteed career after completion. 
  • Graduate engage the tech industry with confidence. 
  • Graduate are noted to be at a high demand in the job society. 
  • Affordable and flexible tuition fees.
  • Opportunities are available for you to be a millionaire.


DevWord Tech Academy DWTA friends Best IT Computer Schools Student


 DWTA teaches you how to use the skills taught, to create the future and career you desire. Their main purpose is to groom well-knowledgeable Developers and IT inclined who understand the theories, but value practical aspect of IT studies and who are not afraid of diving more into the oceans of technology.DWTA is noted for a healthy mix of instructor-led approach and They are also in a partnership with US university lecturers and experts in web classes to produce the best IT experts for our society from best the best coding/IT  schools in Ghana, Accra. 

Coding Programs/Course offered at DWTA 

  •  Fundamentals of Computing with Python Programming 
  • Object-Oriented Java Programming: Data Structures and Beyond 
  • Introduction to Programming  creation in C & Computational Thinking with Beginning C Programming 


2. Geeks Global Technologies Ltd They are rated as the best web design school in Ghana now. And they offer hands-on practical training. Learn  Skills to Build Apps and Websites.


3. Codetrain – Training boot camps are arranged within two locations in Ghana to transform passionate youth into software developers  


4. The code schoolThe Code School is actually a beginner-friendly coding school in Accra. They teach you how to make beautiful web and mobile apps. 


5. Ghana Code Club –A core  national  school-friendly  program that teaches soft coding to individuals within an age range of  6 – 18-year-olds 


6. Ghana Tech lab– this school has a commitment to equip individuals and organizations with the required skills they need to increase their professional productivity.


7. Soronko Academy – For the past 3 years, they have run the Tech Needs Girls Project. Tech Needs Girls is a mentorship program where they teach girls from 6-18years to practicalized programming.


The advantages of learning computer programming.

Computer programming skills have made it necessary for businesses to hire expert programmers who can write, modify and troubleshoot core software programs. IT job market scale reveals a growth opportunity in the days ahead and is one of the career lines that have shown a rapid steady increase in demand. 

Opportunity and a platform to Create Your Own Website 

Ever since the web ever shows up its importance in 1991, it has had an overwhelming impactful influence in everyone’s lives. This has an open opportunity for most businesses to reach their target audience through their websites.

The raging popularity of eCommerce has risen and we give credit to programming, you may need at least a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS code,/you can even broaden your mind on more programming languages on which all websites run. 

A lucrative career option with Job Satisfaction

Computer programmers usually enjoy the benefit of working from home as they need only a computer and an Internet connection to do their job. Computer programmers can choose from a range of career paths, including healthcare, research, and development in various latest subjects like Machine learning and Computational biology among others.

IT sector jobs offer excellent working conditions and salary packages with average working hours of 40-50 hrs in a climate-controlled office environment. 



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