Time Saving Tips for Programming 

Tips from The Programming Research Archives of DevWorld Tech Academy

Starting programming for the first time can be very frustrating especially when you have to learn it over and over again, many students may complain of their experience but as the saying goes “practice makes man perfect” out of this you can conclude that at the end of the day they end up knowing every technique in programming.

Many find it difficult in some parts which slow the process of learning coding and the frustration that accompanies it. Consequently, I’m more concerned about how to remove the unnecessary obstacles that prevent students from becoming competent coders. There will surely be an obstacle, but there’s no need for unnecessary obstacles.

Below are 10 amazing ideas that can help you to quickly jump over the hurdles and derive a great sense of competency. Many of these tips might seem common or obvious to you if you’ve been doing coding for many years, but when starting, nothing is ever common or ordinary. There might be a tip or two that will help you save time.

Ten Tips

  1. Separate your screen.  Most at the time when you are learning to code, splitting your screen(s) into two side by side panels — one for the code you’re working on in your Jupyter notebook or code editor and one for your web browser will be of great help. You’ll use your web browser to look at the documentation, Stack Overflow, and tutorials that will be of the same topic on coding to make work easier. If your screen is too small, Getting a bigger one will be of great help .if you can afford it. You can get some of the screens at an affordable price when buying it at a quality slightly used and brand new product shops. As you become more skilled, you’ll often want to focus on a single piece of work. You can use keyboard shortcut keys to toggle between split screens to full screen. 
  2. Cut out distractions – Silence they say is golden. And so is a quiet and noise-free environment. Getting an environment that is a no noise area can help you to concentrate on your coding Silence notifications on your computer and call ringing tones on your phone. Move your phone away from you if it’s possible. Play some calming and relaxing instrumental music or use noise-canceling headphones provided you’re in a noisy area. The better your concentration, the faster you can learn.
  3. Type your examples code out – You can’t read a tutorial on coding and keep it in your mind to remember it on the day you need it. Copying and pasting are of little value as you might forget about it after some time you have to type it, then extend it. Then type it from memory this helps you to read it over and over again and by the time you are done typing, you will get to know more than when you were copying and pasting.
  4.  Repeated learning. Get to know a new code concept and quiz yourself on it over and over again several days, it helps to keep it to memory when it comes to remembering things for the long haul, spaced repetition works far better than cramming that one will end up forgetting.
  5.  Learn by teaching others. Vividly explaining a concept bit by bit to others. By either out loud to a colleague, friend, and families or in a written form, helps you to understand the concept’s essence, draw relationships, and create analogies. You strengthen the connections in your brain to get to understand it more than anyone.
  6. Get the language first. Understanding a programming language well can give you a higher advantage before you try to use a library, which is in a written format. Variable types aren’t the most exciting topic. Schools that teach practical methods might not be far from you than you think. I recommend DevWorld Tech Academy to you as it has well trained and well-qualified lectures especially when it comes to practical work and a career path creation. once you understand the programming language well, you will find that the library is very easy to use in terms of theory. You’ll make a few errors but with skilled lecture supervision, you can study without an error, and save so much time.
  7. Learning bit by bit. Don’t try to cram more than one concept at once, but learn each one of them in a bit and make it very easy to understand and this will help you remember every term used., try your best not to get distracted by pop up Ads and many shiny things.
  8. Enough sleep and exercise. A good rest will do both the brain and the body good, and exercise puts your brain in a strong position informing and strengthening neural connections.
  9. Learn to type code faster. The more you type unusual symbols, the faster you become at typing them. But doing it with a little intentionality can speed this process significantly. Invest your time and effort in learning good touch typing form is a plus to you.
  10.  Become an Expert with keyboard shortcuts. The links here, are links to shortcuts for ChromeMac, and Windows. If you’re a data scientist or data analyst, who want to become a Pro in Programming, then DWTA is the best IT school to attend so make your choice now https://wealthbankers.com/academy/



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