Reasons Why You Are Finding It Difficult to Learn Programming


You have made an effort and given up countless times. Maybe you are just not competent enough for it.

It seems you have spent a lot of internet bundle on watching YouTube tutorials, paying huge amounts of monies to do an online course and even to the extent of reading basic articles on programming yet it feels like there is no hope and you feel like there people out there who are good at writing complex code which you do not understand and solving them as well.
And you sadly declare “I can never be like them” and you start to wonder, how did they know and learn it as well.

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Honestly speaking, they were not born with the skills to code, or are they more intelligent than you are. In this article, there are steps that if you take it seriously, you will overcome the fears of programming.
If you are truly passionate to pursue this course, it is very necessary to overcome the fears first. Most of the time, coding unease is a challenge that can stop you from progressing for many years. Unfortunately, it is something most people don’t talk about.

 Let me Share My Personal Experience with You.
Being a student, I perform very well in school that I am always proud of my ability to solving problems. I was a very clever and a fast learner as well. But this diversified after I completed High School, that is where I have realized that programming is not the same as the subjects taught in High School.

According to Elbert Hubbard, “the greatest mistake a man can ever make is to be afraid of making one”. This is the fact as someone who is not used to this kind of course, it took me by surprise how long it took to get to understand and know how to code. I felt so bad that I was making too many mistakes, then the feeling of not been the best at it led me to struggle with a clear simple task to an extent of not being able to set up a programming environment.

Then all of a sudden, I start doubting my ability to code and seems to me that everyone is better than I am as they are very good at it. To an extent that I could not complete a code on the internet without any error, not to talk about understanding it. This resulted in a lot of frustration and I threw in the towel. The problem I have realized is not that I have lacked self-confidence but I was overconfident that, I became disappointed that things did not go the way I wanted I was upset and frustrated and that led me to finally giving up.

Was that my biggest mistake?

I was thinking that programming was a course that can be studied in a short time and not admitting that, there was a new way of learning it. And if I have known and agreed that learning the process of coding from zero, was something that involves efforts and diligence, I would have released myself from a lot of frustration and time. In this article, I will explain the types of approaches you need to take for you to succeed in this field.

When I was surrendering to learning code, I thought there were two kinds of people in the world now – people who were qualified for programming and people who were not. It turns out that I was right. The people who are competent for programming are not usually more intelligent than you are, they only have a mindset and an attitude that has helped achieve positive results in the field. With the same attitude, you can also get there too.

Steps in becoming a good programmer

Provided you want to become half good, then you need to put in much effort. It is not a competition, if they manage to a complex problem that you couldn’t mean that they are smarter than you are, the truth is they put in much more effort and time than you do. For you to get there, you need to do the same.

• Exercise patience

Patience is undeniably the most necessary character that a programmer needs. You have to be someone who has to stare at the computer screen hour after hour and, clearly simple problem can take hours or days to solve. you can learn by patiently spending time debugging code.

This was why I find it difficult to develop the patience to stay at one place, if you get bored easily like me, or you have short concentration points, then you have a lot of time to train yourself.

Once you get the idea of staring at the computer screen in an effort to solve the problem, you get closer to reaching your dream of becoming a good programmer.

• Being stubborn
Have you remembered when you followed your parents to the mall and you spotted a toy that you like so much and you requested for it be bought for you but they refused, you cried and decided not to leave the mall and created a scene until your parent gave up, and bought you the toy?

This is definitely the kind of stubbornness you need when studying programing. Don’t accept no for an answer, whenever you want to give up because of the frustration. Pause take your time to try again and again until you get the desired result, keep a stubborn determination till you get it right.



• An accurate amount of confidence.
being overconfident is bad, it will stop you from progressing because your expectation will be higher than what you will achieve. There are people who may be a lot better than you but it is natural to feel that way. The first step is to accept that they are and it is the fact because they have spent a lot of time and dedicated years of learning how to code. If you want to be the best, then you must dedicate your time and effort to learning how to.

Finally, in order to overcome the fears of programming, you first have to understand that there are various ways of learning. And if you are not able to code, accept it and know that it is normal. Because as time passes by, you get better until you have mastered it.
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