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How Well Do You Know Jumia & DWTA Affiliate Programs to Make Money Online

E-commerce and other types of online transactions have developed in Africa in such a way that even buying and selling is done with just a click. And individuals can earn online by becoming affiliate marketers or partners with these brands.

When talking about the most popular and well known online market that’s reliable and delivers their products excellently then Jumia is among the first to come to my lips. on the lips of people than Jumia

Interestingly, Jumia was launched in Ghana in 2013 and since then, it has enjoyed exponential success and is still thriving. They are not only located in Ghana but are around many African countries and still counting.


Please Note:

As announced, all new and old students are to complete their application processes, tuition fees and registrations for the next academic session (starting 16th May 2022) at least 2 weeks (that is, latest 1st May 2022) before classes begin for the new session. You can see the admission requirements here needed to complete your registration on time before space runs out.

Info Pages & Links for Prospective Students


Not too long ago, Jumia Ghana rolled out its affiliate program to enable publishers or people with a following to make some extra money, whiles helping them promote their products.

If you are unfamiliar with the term, Affiliation Marketing is a business in which individuals or companies advertise the products of another using special links that they place on their websites, social media, blogs, etc. When they successfully get someone to make a purchase, they get a commission from the sale.

In summary, the Jumia Affiliate Program pays affiliates for referring sales to Jumia by creating and sharing a channelled link with their audience. When people click on the link, a ‘cookie’ is created to track the activities of the consumer. The cookie lasts for 7 days. That means during the 7-day period, whenever the one who clicked on the link makes a purchase, the successful affiliate gets a commission. This commission ranges from 3 to 13%, dependent on which category of goods an affiliate chooses to promote.

In this article, I will go about the details you will need to get started with the Jumia Affiliate Program and begin to earn money.

If you are committed enough to read this article to the end, I will reveal to you another affiliate program in Africa that anyone can join and get pays higher commissions (minimum GHC 200 per referral).

It has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, thus when someone clicks on your link today and you still get paid even if they take up to 30 days to decide to buy or enroll. This other affiliate program also pays you for referring other affiliate marketers.


Joining Jumia Affiliate Summary

  • Registration: register online for free and you will receive your approval on the next day.
  • Advertise: you can start your advertisement with the wide ranges of banner, feeds or their deep link generator
  • Get Paid: you can earn some commissions up to 13% on all products ordered within the ranges of 7 days from the day the client clicks on your advertisement
  • Optimize: you can use their reporting tools to make analysis in order for you to optimize your performance to higher sales.


Steps in getting your cash out of Jumia

affiliate marketing business
Affiliate Marketing business concept with a businessman touching the smartphone.

To generate money from Jumia Affiliate Program, you have to help Jumia in selling their products. This is in a form of referral and you get paid if someone you refer to Jumia via your affiliate banner/link buys something at Jumia.

If you refer more customers to the Jumia page and none makes a purchase, Jumia is not going to pay you. So, you have to make sure that you sell more Jumia products to get your cash.

This can be done easily by referring customers to Jumia, by placing Jumia ad banners and text links on your blog or website. Provided you are using banners, make sure you choose banners according to your target audience and arrange them in clearly visible positions on your blog.

In case you are using text links to advertise Jumia products, use simple, short and descriptive texts that will attract clicks for example “Buy the latest phones, tablets, and accessories at Jumia here“.

You can write blogs about their products and embed your affiliate links in the posts. If you already have an existing blog post that is similar to a product at Jumia, you can add your link to such a post. Beware!!  Don’t add links to posts that are unrelated it might affect your ranking in Google search.

Keep on bringing traffic to your blog and always check your performance at the Jumia Affiliate program platform.

Once you reach your payment limit, you can request for your earnings to be paid to your bank account.


Eligibility to Join Jumia Affiliate Program

business woman holding laptop
Happy woman entrepreneur standing in a conference room in office holding a laptop. Creative businesswoman standing in office holding a laptop computer with both hands.

The door is opened to all (especially bloggers & website administrators, as well as social media aficionado) the online social world has become a way of life, everyone is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, just to name a few. There is usually an exciting story, a trending topic and there is nothing more inspiring than getting paid for it             

Your success with the program will be linked to your brand is that, the more you present products to your audience, the more they gain confidence in you and as you are slowly carving yourself a position as a consultant in a particular product category you generate more money.

For bloggers who review different products attaching a ‘Buy Now’ icon with your ID at the end of the review will go a long way in increasing your income.

As of now, Facebook has 2.38+ Billion users, Twitter has 330+ Million, Instagram has 1+ billion, LinkedIn has 575+million.


Requirements to Join the Jumia Affiliate Program

You need a Smartphone or device with an internet connection and a social media platform or website/blog to take part in.

  1. Simply log on to https://affiliates.jumia.com
  2. Register and create an account.
  3. Watch or read the tutorial on Jumia’s affiliate website
  4. Generate a link, share with your audience and start earning today.


DWTA Affiliate Program – Bonus for those who are committed

Now for those of you who were committed enough to read it to the bottom here, congratulations!

Commitment leads to success, and to help expedite the success you seek, here is the high ticket affiliate program (high paying affiliate program) I promised you. And you can join from any part of the world.

This high ticket affiliate program I am talking about is run by DevWorld Tech Academy, a Tech educational institute or hub in Accra, Ghana.

It is one of the few IT educational institutes in Africa that impart quality and practical skills to their students through hands-on and real-life projects.

DWTA affiliate program is one of the best in Africa in terms of their commission, tracking, and ease of payment. Affiliate partners are paid a whopping amount of GHC 150 to GHC 250 for every student referred to. And even if students apply 30 days after clicking your link, you still get paid for completed registrations.

You also earn more if you refer other affiliates to join DWTA Affiliate Partners Program.

Click here to learn more about it and also start earning big today!


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