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The Unbelievable Bright Future For Data Scientist, and How DWTA is Enquiring Data Science Learning In Accra, Ghana.


Take a look around you and figure out what you see: The whole world is soaked in data, which boosts more decisions than you might notice.

Take Uber company, for instance. The core reason the car shows up in just a matter of minutes or less is that pure historical data has established where people believe, most likely to reach a cab at any given time or moment. Now, if you think the car ushered to you is the nearest one, then give it a thought again. The assigned stable algorithm takes into account not only proximity but also the profile and data of the assigned driver and his destination.


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When you purchase an airplane ticket, book a hotel room, or short-rent a car, the amount you pay is determined by an expert data analysis algorithm meant to minimize or maximize the profit of the seller or customer.

If I were to tell you the prime scope and future of data science in the world is at a very high rate and data science is the most in-demand profession today, I am sure you won’t trust me. What if a great leader in data science says so?


Below are some of the great leaders in the data science industry:

According to Mr. Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Data is a prime precious thing and will last longer than the core systems themselves”

Vinod Khosla, a Billionaire Businessman in America and Co-founder of Sun Microsystems also declared;

“In the next 10 years, Data Science and Software industry will do more for Medicines than all of the Biological Sciences we have today”.

Another prime Leader is Kyle Mckiou – you may have already heard of his name before if you’re active on LinkedIn.

Whenever we talk or share ideas about data science, most people tend to think that it’s all about building cool machine learning models and making awesome predictions.

Data Science is an ocean of multiple data operations. These operations also involve machine learning and the necessary statistics. This is the junction between artificial intelligence and data science. Machine zoom learning algorithms very much rely on data to carry out their processes. This data is fed to models in the form of training sets and test sets which are eventually used for fine-tuning core models with various coded algorithmic parameters. No matter what, advancement in machine learning is the key contributor to the future of data science.



Data science experts are required in almost every industry, from dating sites to governmental security. The millions of businesses and government core departments rely on huge data to succeed and better serve their clients. Data science is in high demand will not be slowing down at any moment from now.


 Some of the leading data science careers you can break into                                           Our project report research gave us some insight into the United State of America data scientist career and how much they earn annually.

Business Intelligence (BI) / Developer = Earns 89,333 Dollars

Data Architect = Earns 137,630 Dollars

Application Architect = Earns 134,520 Dollars

Infrastructure Architect = Earns 126,353 Dollars

Enterprise Architecture = Earns 161,272 Dollars

Data Analyst = Earns 83,878 Dollars

Data Engineer = Earns 151,307 Dollars

Machine Learning Scientist = 139,840 Dollars

Machine Learning Engineer = 114,826 Dollars

Statistician = 93,589 Dollars

After my research on careers in data science and how much income they generate in the United States, I decided to get more insight into how well our country, Ghana, is coping in terms of data science.


A Brief Focus Report in the city of Accra – A RESEARCH JOURNEY ON DATA SCIENCE.               I have done a lot of research as a journalist and I discovered some individuals and a prestigious institute (DevWorld Tech Academy) which teaches quality programs and outlines all the related jobs on the career path of Data Science.

 I work for Market sales and I was given a project assignment on Data Science. This project led me to uncover the unbelievable future of data science.

 I entered the office of Mr. Nelson Ph.D.  A tech entrepreneur in Ghana. My interview with him gave me more insight into Data Science, the discussion was about the future of data science. He made me know the importance of data science. he revealed to me these gems;

  • Behind the term Data Science, lies a very specific set of activities – and skills that businesses can leverage to their advantage. The data science industry allows businesses to make use of data at their disposal, whether that’s customer data, standard financial data or otherwise, in a brilliant manner. Its results should be an initiative driver of growth.
  • He also said Data Science training empowers and broadens the scope of professionals with data management technologies, core flume and machine learning. If a client has the required knowledge and more proficiency in these significant data skills, it would be an added advantage for them to have an improved and more competitive career.

He concluded by recommending DevWorld Tech Academy’s online courses or offline courses to passionate individuals who want to study Data Science.

I met several individuals, who gave me similar feedback like my interview with Mr. Nelson. They all hit in the same area the future of Data Science is bright and is advisable young individuals between the age of 15 – 35 engage in Data Science programs because it will be at a very high demand in the future.

My next interview was with a young Tech expert, I walk into his company and I saw him discussing the next level of Data Science with his employees. He highlights some points that unleash the unbelievable bright future of Data Science. Mr. Francis Baah White, an incredible Data scientist stated this point to his employees and it blows my mind.

  •    He stated the next level of Data Science will result in the less regulatory burden falls on the data scientist. Their access to data is more streamlined. Also, more accurate models are deployed faster and easier, with greater durability enhancement, less business risk, and more powerful details. “He concluded by advising his employees to achieve more hands-on practical core tuition on Data Science from an institute. He added by saying, my interaction with the data science lecturer at DevWorld Tech Academy gave me more insight into data science and is a part of who I am today.

After the meeting with his workers, I ask for directions to the institute he mentions during his meeting and he sent me a text message which includes DevWorld Tech Academy location and details about the school.

                            Text Message From Mr. Francis, The incredible data scientist.

 DevWorld Tech Academy, Ashaley Botwey, Accra (Ghana),

My last interview was with the director of DevWorld Tech Academy – my interview with him gave me more insight into why practical tuition is important.

He stated Practical training aims to help students develop skills and abilities that support professional studies and prepare them for work later on. … For the student, practical training provides an opportunity to learn important skills that will help in becoming a professional in the future.

After the interview, he took me around the building to see all department and he introduces me to the Data Science lecturer. I had a brief talk with the data science lecturer and I found out that anyone in the field of Data Science had a broad way of thinking and understanding concepts on every topic.

At the end of the interview with the director of DevWorld Tech Academy, Mr. Franklin, he ushered my team and me downstairs with a flyer which includes the programs they offer and reasons why DevWorld Tech Academy is recommended.




Data Science Programs offered

  • Applied Data Science with Python
  • Big Data
  • Cloud Computing
  • Introduction to Google Cloud Technology
  • Algorithm
  • Algorithms for Battery Management Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • AI Foundations and Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science with Python (Intro, Applied, Advanced)
  • Big Data, Data Insights, Data Engineering and Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform
  • Cloud Computing,
  • Data Insights,
  • Data Engineering,

Machine Learning with Tensor Flow and Developing Applications with Google Cloud (all on Google Cloud Platform)

Why Is DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA) is Recommended?

DWTA has a record to deliver 80 percent practical and 20 percent theory.

  • Opportunity for you to freelance and earn money while schooling.
  • A guaranteed career after completion.
  • Graduate engage the tech industry with confidence.
  • Graduate are noted to be at a high demand in the job society.


DevWorld Tech Academy Credible Records

Operational Data science benefits both companies and consumers. DevWorld Tech Academy research department found that huge data can increase a retailer’s profit margin by 50 percent, and “services enabled in and out by personal-location data can allow clients and consumers to gain $600 billion in economic remains,” meaning they can serve for less than they were expecting to deliver.

            Modern Career Advice

Data has exploded tremendously in the last decade and shows no sign of decreasing, which means that the demand for pure data analysis will continue to move higher. This is true across all business and industry sectors, from financial, medical, and social media. Believe me, now is a great time to start a career in core data analysis.


Find Out About the future of  Data Science according to Kirk Borne from George Washington University.



  • Kyle Mckiou, you may have already heard of his name before if you’re active on LinkedIn.
  • Kirill Eremenko is the CEO of Super Data Science, an online educational portal for Data Scientists.
  • Favio Vázquez has very deep experience in data science and he is always willing to share his idea in the LinkedIn data science project.
  • Eric, he was a senior data scientist at LinkedIn and now is working at Core Logic as the Principal of Data Management & Data Science.
  • Kate is famously known as the author of The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders.
  • Tarry Singh is the prime founder and CEO of that brings AI solutions to enterprises and companies.
  • Imaad Mohamed Khan, who is a data scientist at Indigene.

Follow this link to visit the website – DevWorld Tech Academy Institute.  

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