Affiliate Marketing: An Opportunity to Earn Money Through Konga Affiliate Program is a popular e-commerce website in Nigeria and West Africa as a whole. It prides itself as Nigeria’s favourite online shopping destination due to the fact that they have everything one could possibly need for life and living at the best prices than anywhere else. Some of their main competitors from other great African includes Jumia, Kikuu and Jiji.

In this article, we will be looking at their affiliate program. Also, if you are committed enough to read this article to the end, I will reveal to you another affiliate program in Africa that anyone can join and get pays higher commissions (minimum GHC 200 per referral).

It has a cookie that lasts for 30 days, thus when someone clicks on your link today and you still get paid even if they take up to 30 days to decide to buy or enrol. This other affiliate program also pays you for referring other affiliate marketers. Now let’s dive in.


Konga Affiliates

konga yuboss afffiliate program


Konga Affiliates is an affiliate program that allows you to earn money by promoting their products to your audience through an affiliate link. It is branded as Yuboss meaning ‘to become your own boss’.  Their affiliate program is Nigeria’s highest-ranking affiliate program due to their transparency and commission rates. It is one of the most promoted affiliate programs and it converts sales equally as good, due to how trusted and loved their brand is.


How it works
Konga’s Affiliate Program is based on the PPS (Pay Per Sale) commission model. Thus they only pay an affiliate for the number of confirmed orders they are able to generate. An affiliate will not be paid if he/she sends traffic to the product pages but no purchase is made, hence it is essential for affiliates to ensure that they send only high-quality traffic to the product pages.
The commission rate of Konga Affiliates ranges from  2% to 20%, depending on the category of the product and its pricing. Categories such as Fashion and Mobile Phone Accessories have the highest commission rates whiles those of the Construction and Building as well as Arts and Crafts are among the lowest.
 Their affiliate program has a 30-day cookie policy. This means that anyone who clicks on your link and buys something (regardless of the number) within a period of 30 days, becomes your referral and the purchase becomes a confirmed one. You then will get paid for that. This is a major advantage for affiliates as they can get commissions for all the purchases made by their referrals within the 30 days period.


How to join the Konga Affiliate Program and Make Money

konga affiliate marketing, yuboss

Nothing is required to be an affiliate. All that is required of you is your desire to make money using the affiliate program as a medium, and your seriousness. You do not need a website to start with the promotion, as you can leverage social media. However, having your own website is a plus, because it will make it more effective when you promote products on Konga over the search engines or through an email list, which you can build through your website. Affiliate marketing using an email list is one of the sure ways to make a high amount of sales and potentially make a lot of money, if done the right way.

Signing up for the affiliate program and earning money is as simple as ABC ( and even D, because literally, they are just 4 easy steps). All you have to do is to;

  1. Sign up for the affiliate program on their website with an email, phone number and a few demographic data.
  2. Get your link and promote it through the medium of your choice.
  3. Get people to make purchases through your affiliate link
  4. Get paid your commissions twice every month.

One way to earn more is to write quality and in-depth reviews about the products you want to promote so that your site will rank high on Google when people search for those products. You can also start an email marketing campaign as talked about earlier and finally, by using the banners that will be provided you on your site as well as sharing it on social media.


DWTA Affiliate Program – Bonus for those who are committed


Now for those of you who were committed enough to read it to the bottom here, congratulations!

Commitment leads to success, and to help expedite the success you seek, here is the high ticket affiliate program (high paying affiliate program) I promised you. And you can join from any part of the world.

This high ticket affiliate program I am talking about is run by DevWorld Tech Academy, a Tech educational institute or hub in Accra, Ghana.

It is one of the few IT educational institutes in Africa that impart quality and practical skills to their students through hands-on and real-life projects.

DWTA affiliate program is one of the best in Africa in terms of their commission, tracking, and ease of payment. Affiliate partners are paid a whopping amount of GHC 150 to GHC 250 for every student referred to. And even if students apply 30 days after clicking your link, you still get paid for completed registrations.

You also earn more if you refer other affiliates to join DWTA Affiliate Partners Program.

Click here to learn more about it and also start earning big today!

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