The Success Story of a lady Software Engineer and Tech Coach

Most of the time, the youth have thousands of reasons not to follow their passions of being an IT expert, they have excuses like I’m too, young or too old, It won’t yield much income as other courses do. the fact is, the world is now revolving around technology. if you don’t join this fast-moving train, you will miss a lot. Most of the institutions in the world are now changing from employing labor-related employees to tech-related ones as it is faster, easier, and safer.

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Let me tell you a story about a lady who made this same decision to switch from a normal job to study tech and the result is mesmerizing. This journey started back in February 2019. when she received a scholarship to attend an intensive 16-week Software Engineering Bootcamp training at Makers. While working at an FTSE 250 rail and coach ticketing platform, an unknown advert popped up in her LinkedIn account and that became a turning point.

According to her, When she read the job advert, the only thing that came to mind was a self-doubting question. Despite those discouraging questions, her determination keeps growing each day. with such determination, she started Bootcamp training in Intensive Software Engineering course for months She is now an employee as a Software Engineer & Tech Coach role at Tech Returners. As a career woman, this is what she does about her job, which is helping people to code and creating workshops for the community with her friends, speaking, and mentoring work.

Despite being an active Software Engineer, she blends both roles perfectly. Her Techniques She does a lot of visualizations She illustrated all tech concepts using IT terminologies and relate them to real-life things She does a video recording to explain complex technical concepts, provide thorough code review feedback and she aids with debugging strategies.

She conducts a one on one and group video calls to host sessions, webinars and provide technical supports She starts by teaching the main principles and then breaks down technical terms as much as she can for it sounds less daunting.

She balances her learning and coaching job, by helping others upgrade their skills to a secondary level and this helps her expand her skills to gain more experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, and many others.

Her aim is to be the best in code development as she has the skills for spotting patterns in a code quickly no matter the tech language used. She developed herself by learning from other expert developers and this improved her understanding of all tech concepts and terminologies.  Her interest in precision and deeper understanding, made her make some time for herself to build her own project and practice coding skills, she researches on advanced technical terms and has time for herself to be more efficient.

She loves to see others grow in their understanding of technical-related issues. Her only challenging moments were the times when the self-doubt questions pop up, but with confidence, she overcame it all. Her future plans to be globally known as one of the best specialists in HTML, CSS, and React.

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