6 Best Computer / IT Schools in Accra, Ghana You Should Consider

Information technology has so far been the fast field that is catching up with massive advancements every day. The world is vastly linked to technology that, it has become part and parcel of our lives. Most careers in Ghana require a technological expert and literate employee.

Technology is applied in all aspects of our lives, which has created a large number of opportunities available, that can be utilized by Ghanaians. Getting to know the best IT school in Ghana, can make you make a choice now. This analysis is best on the facilities, staff, and general performance.




    • DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA): This is an IT school that is well equipped with modern-day technological teaching equipment and they have highly trained and skilled lectures that are of an American standard when it comes to both theory and practical teaching.

These lectures are willing to help the students cut a niche in the information technology field and help them to become the best and the most wanted employee, freelancer, and entrepreneur.DevWorld Tech Academy Logo

DevWorld Tech Academy offers a wide range of professional courses that are marketable and the most sought after in the job market. The faculties are

1. Faculty – Data Science, Cloud Computing programming and Artificial Intelligence, Faculty of Gaming and software creation,

2. Faculty – Programming, Cyber-Security, Computer Ethics and Faculty of Digital, Graphic and Product Design. Out of all these Faculties are various study programs that are available at this IT institute.

Click on this link- DWTA to find out more. This school offers not only degree/diploma programs, but one can study for a certificate program, all successful graduates who are not only from the Senior High Schools to tertiary institutions can apply for degree programs and professional degree programs.

People can apply from Junior High School up to the tertiary level. DevWorld Tech Academy admission room is open to all from Junior High School up to the tertiary level. DevWorld tech Academy has a good learning program that is designed not only to Ghanaian applicants but to international applicants, our portals are opened to welcome them.

  • One amazing fact about DWTA is the age range at which applicants are been taken. The school takes applicants from age fifteen to forty years old. (15 – 40) as gaining IT skills is all about passion and not considering the age.
  • So the school is letting the general public know that it’s not too early or too late to start. This school is having a flexible admission requirement and is highly recommended for anyone who is passionate about IT  and wants a practical feel of IT studies….. Follow this link to find out more about them – DevWorld Tech Academy Institute.


DevWord Tech Academy DWTA friends Best IT Computer Schools Student


  • NIIT Ghana: this school is one of the well-rated IT schools among the top ones in Ghana. The school is well facilitated with ultra-modern technological teaching equipment. They have a highly trained and skilled staff that are willing to help the students to get to the top in the information technology sector. They have many great and successful alumni who owe their achievements from the training received in this great institution. They offer a wide range of professional courses that are most needed in the technology market. They also offer IT degree programs to all successful graduates who have gone through the courses.


  • Beacon Training: They are well experienced when it comes to the IT sector with many professionals and experts on board, they offer specialized training to learners and they take pride in delivering a high-valued IT related solutions to every learner. They help their colleague employees who are at a disadvantage in the field, this is done through their impulse training that involves invoking the basic skills to learners and employees. They also offer IT solutions to their clients and shareholders.


  • IPMC College of Technology: They are a fully-fledged institution that offers all knowledge and skills to learners relating to the IT sector. The school offers online courses to learners, who are a little distant from the school due to some circumstances and those who want to study for some time. This online course is full of practical sessions for learners to get a clue of what IT feels like. They offer affiliate courses that are highly valued in the industry. Students are awarded international certification after graduating. Most job markets and employees, trust the skills and capabilities of learners from this institution since they are guided by highly trained and experienced teachers. The institution believes in internships of the learners as an avenue for them to get familiar with the industry.


  • Aptech Computer Education: The institution courses are: computer systems, information technology, network security, and engineering. Students are given projects which are monitored by instructors in order to check their step by step progress and offer assistance to other students. The institution specializes in offering technological solutions to all students. Ghana Technology University College: This school is well established with several affiliates around Ghana. The University is affiliated with other European institutions in offering degree programs in the field of information technology. They have certificate and diploma courses for beginners. They offer a wide range of study programs relating to the technology field ranging from computer engineering, network security, and software engineering.


  • Accra Institute of Technology: The institution has an affiliation with other first-class Universities around the world. They offer different ranges of study programs relating to IT. This school well equipped with modern training equipment and have a highly skilled instructor. Upon completion of the course, students are awarded accredited certification that is recognized by all of the employers in the Ghanaian job market. Regent University College of Science and Technology: The institution offers a variety of degree courses like Computer Science, Information Systems and Instructional Technology. The students are taught to use the skills learned in class to be creative and come up with solutions to some of the problems facing the IT industry in Ghana.

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