4 Top Success Tips in Information Technology and How DWTA Is Applying Practical Tuition to the Students in Accra, Ghana.

Becoming successful is everyone’s desire and that desire drives everyone to do something in order to climb the success ladder.

These 4 tips of success will help you take the elevator of success in the Information Technology field.

1.  Be ready to embrace change: change is one of the challenges that most talented and ambitious young face as it makes them feel uncomfortable. And the things that they have to make changes to are, Schools, Study programs, career paths and even the work they do. This has made many young people miss the once in a lifetime opportunity as they are blinded by their fears which prevents them from seeing the potential in it.


2.  Do something new: every great thing started new before it has gotten to the height it is. Most young people are interested in making it quick but real success does not work that way. That’s why DevWorld Tech Academy (DWTA) is here to make this dream of becoming a successful Information Technology inventor, entrepreneur, freelancer and an employee of a high-class information technology firm a reality. Technology is rising higher and getting more knowledge into is the best change one needs.


3. Embrace a lifetime of learning: making your future bright is not about knowing the basics, but digging deeper and finding a possibility is one step in helping you to succeed. That’s why DWTA has a wide range of study programs for each student who wants to learn irrespective of the qualifications of their choice. Which is a Certificate, Diploma and Professional Diploma? And out of this, the school offers you 80% practical-work and 20% theory as most of the technology works are practical. This school is located at Ashaley Botwe Accra and our doors are open to both Ghanaian and International applicants. Our tuition fees are very affordable and terms of payment are very flexible. I also discovered that their studies are simple and transparent, and their lectures play a core role in supervising students throughout their study programs especially in terms of practice.


4. Investing in valuable future skills: learning never stops nor ceases as technology is well advancing, so, consider spending more time to know. More knowledge is believed to be impacted by students as he delves deeper into the practical field. After my experience at DWTA, I quickly enroll my children at DWTA because I believe it is a result-oriented institute.


The school has various faculties that each student can choose from. These faculties are,

In Artificial Intelligence Process, Data Science and  Cloud Computing Faculty, we have:

  • Battery Management Systems from Algorithms and Algorithm
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Deep Learning and AI Foundations
  • Machine learning studies
  • Python (Intro, Applied, Advanced) with Data Science
  • Data Insights and Big Data, Machine Learning on Google Cloud Platform and Data Engineering
  • Machine Learning with Tensor Flow and Cloud Computing, Data Engineering, Data Insights and Developing Applications with Google Cloud

The School also offers:

Faculty of Software and Game, Mobile and Web Development Designing

  • Game Development and Design.
  • Software Engineering Fundamental work, Architecture, Design, and Development life cycle which includes Open Source Software Development   (Git and  Linux)
  • Software Engineering Fundamentals, Design and Architecture
  • R Programming and  Foundations,  Mastering Software Development in R

Mobile Application Creation and Development Department

  •  Multi-platform Mobile App Development and Full Stack Web
  • Android App creation and Development
  • iOS App Creation with Swift
  • iOS Development process for Creative Entrepreneurs
  • Computer Science and React Native Mobile App Development

Web Applications and Development processing Department

  • Responsive Website process with Development and Design – Full Stack
  • Web Design creation  & Application for Everybody (PHP) – Full Stack
  • Full Stack Web  creation and Multi-platform Mobile App Development
  • Full-Stack Web Development process with React
  • Ruby on Rails Web creation and Development
  • Advanced Word Press (PHP) process- Themes & Plugins Development

Every faculty is well designed to meet the standard of the job market.

Faculty – Programming, Cyber-Security Process, and Computer Ethics

Security and Ethics Department

  • IT Fundamental processes on  Cybersecurity and  Applied Cybersecurity creation
  • Fundamentals of Computer Network Security creation, Secure Coding Practices and  IT Fundamentals for Cybersecurity creation on how to  Secure Software Design

Programming Department

  • The fundamental process of Computing with Python Programming and Creation
  • Object-Oriented Java Programming creation: Data Structures and Beyond Processes
  • Introduction and Processes to Programming in C and  Computational Thinking with Beginning with C Programming

Faculty of, Graphic, Digital and Product Design

  •  The creation and process of Interaction Design
  • User Experience Research creation and Design
  •  The  creation  of Graphic Design & Graphic Design Elements
  •  The creation of User Interface Design

The above-mentioned faculties are all in the ranges of study level an applicant chooses in terms of Certificate, Diploma and Professional Diploma. This academic choice helps the student to choose a career path to be an entrepreneur, a freelancer and an employer. And each brings you closer to your dream of becoming a Tech/IT professional. For a student to be successful at DWTA, it is determined by passion and what drives him to become someone great in the future.

For more details about DWTA, you can click https://wealthbankers.com/academy/new-students-computer-it-schools/ for all your questions to be answered and you can get the schools contact at https://wealthbankers.com/academy/support/

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