These are the Best Ranking Tech Companies’ Secrets to Hiring Smart and Great Employees

 Top Tech Companies

 Google, Facebook, Apple, and Google. These high-ranking companies each get millions of curriculum vitae every year (with evidence provided). So it’s right to say they have a good process for choosing the best job candidates. But what are these processes and how can you imitate them when you are also hiring for your business?

In this article, I will share with you ten quick and tactical tips from some of the top companies out there that you can deploy anytime there be a need, to help you hire the quality of employees you need to grow your business. Let’s dive in.

1. Start Phone Screens 15 Minutes Before, 15 Minutes Later, or Ignore It.

A woman screening an applicant via phone
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REASON? To get people who are always on the lookout for the job

Every individual can respond to a variety of explorative questions when you contact them at a convenient time. And what occurs if you reach out to them when they’re still in bed or unavailable, in the gym class, or on the toilet? This is how the best tech companies find people who are dressed for the job at any time needed.



2. Plan the Meeting Time as Puzzled and Unaware as Possible

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   REASON? To locate people who don’t need commands

 Make arrangements that both the interviewers and interviewees have no clue on what’s to take place at the examination. This is a proof showing who will attain the ladder since no one has a motive what will be happening.




3. Plan for Something Unexpected or Bad at the Presentation

A web design job interview session
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REASON? To spot the way the candidate works around situations

Intentionally put up the candidate’s presentation in a hall where the gadgets don’t function (this can be any hall). So when the candidate can adapt around and doesn’t mind coping, then it’s a good sign she’d be comfortable working with. A plus is given for candidates who produce a Plan B, Plan C, and Plan D, which comes in very useful in the tech world. 


4. At The Examination, Process Lots of Misinterpretations 

DWTA web design interview intrepretation
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REASON? To identify egoistic and quick reacted candidates 

If the candidate’s last job was at DevWorld Tech Academy, say “How long were you at GT!?” Record the reaction of the candidate and the tone as well when he corrects you. Is he a jerk about it or does he keep his calm? This is how tech companies find out what a candidate would portray in working when the problem inevitably hits the fan.



5. Instruct the Candidate to Solve Your Own, Identified Problems

A woman solving a problem, DWTA
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REASON? Because you need a solution related to this problem

Tech companies usually make candidates find solutions to real problems they are currently facing. This is a great way to get some unpaid solution with such problems. This also helps you know how efficiently and quickly they solve problems.



6. Make the Examination Frequently Move Through Different Rooms

best IT school in Ghana DWTA
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 REASON? To locate people who are still joyful, even when they’re stressed

Never let your job candidates get it easy in the process of the examination. This is how you identify people who are uneasily happy plus move around the fact that no conference halls were produced for the whole day.



7. Request the One Question Repeatedly

an ai job interview
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 REASON? To test steadiness

In the tech world, repetition is a good thing. During the examinations, don’t fear over inquiring the exact question repeatedly because you keep forgetting. This is a great tool for testing the candidate’s regularity. Candidates should only be wildly irregular with their answers when been examined for senior roles.



8. Conduct Two Examination With a Good Cop / Bad Cop Attitude

an interview on cloud computing at DWTA
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 REASON? To locate people who can do different work at the same time under pressure

Place the candidate in the center of a conference hall with examiners at both ends of the table. Is the candidate able to confidently direct her attention to both interviewers while correctly answering each question at the same time? Or is she tired and thinking why she even said yes to this examination? This is great shows of how the candidate will perform when faced with a problem.


9. Throw a Question, Then Start Typing Very Loudly

Uneasy feeling at a job

 REASON? To locate people who stick focused ignoring all distractions

Give the candidate a question. When the candidate starts answering, start typing noisily by tapping the keypad angrily. Stop and feel remorse and say you’re on the same page, but just jotting ideas down. You could be taking notes, or you could be writing an email to your estranged father, doesn’t matter. Steal a glance at a time and see if the candidate can remain focused on the question or if he gets lost. This will help you find candidates who don’t let tiny distractions get in the way of finishing their job.


 10. Few Months After the Examination, Contact and Give Out An Opportunity to the Candidate for a Job She Didn’t Apply For

DWTA job offer agreement
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REASON? To locate determined people

This is a great way to clear out people who openly didn’t want the job in the first place but had to apply because they were desperate. Does the candidate struggle to get the job he had always wanted? Does he take the opportunity because he thinks it’s the best he can find due to circumstances? Or does he ignore the opportunity because he already got himself another work whiles waiting over the months? This tactic is a good way to fish that out. This also helps know that the said person could be interested in the job offered.

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