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Our study programs and qualifications are revolutionary. In theory and practical knowledge, and are highly relevant for daily solution provisioning and advancing in your career and academic pursuit. Students graduating from best IT schools in Ghana such as DWTA has a lot of quality and hardiness to show forth.

  • Certificate Study Programs Duration: 2 – 3 sessions (6 – 9 months) — See programs here
  • Diploma Study Programs Duration: 4 – 5 sessions (12 – 15 months) — See programs here
  • Professional Diploma Study Programs Duration: Diploma sessions + 1 extra session.

Professional Diploma students will require one extra session than the Diploma students in order to complete their Path Project. The difference between Diploma and Professional Diploma students is one extra session and a path project.

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Project Types and Level for Diploma Programs

DevWorld Tech Academy is projects focused as our aim is to always graduate students who knows the theories but who are also comfortable in applying and developing with the knowledge through Real World projects; proving they are from best it schools in Accra.

The school then sells your projects (for Diploma and Professional Diploma student only) and give you, your team and your project adviser a percentage of the project sales revenue. This allows you to earn lots of money, even while studying, from the projects you did as practice the academic and professional skills you were taught at the best computer schools in Ghana just like ours.

There are various types of projects you will work on such as Micro Projects, Mini Projects, Major Projects, Graduating Projects, Path Projects. Among the best ICT schools in ghana, these project are unique to only DWTA and are listed below in details.

Micro Projects

These are more like concept practice tests and challenge to solidify the skills you have been taught. These kind of projects given every few days, every week, or at the end of a class when a new concept or principle has been taught and completed.

Mini Projects

These are bit size part of your major or graduating project. They are usually due every month or every two weeks. When you combine all the tasks and results of your mini projects, 60% – 80% of your Major Project or/and Graduating Project should have been completed.

Major Projects

Diploma and Professional Diploma are assigned project groups of 3 – 5 participants. They are to work on a major project from the beginning to the end of their study period. The group project will be reviewed at the end of their study program. DevWorld Tech Academy sells this type of projects and give the students a percentage of the sales. Only diploma and professional diploma students can participate in this.

Graduating Projects

Students of all qualification are required to apply what they have been taught in order to successfully complete their graduating project. This is a personal, not a group project and must be completed to graduate. Only diploma and professional diploma students and participate in this.

Path Projects are for Professional Diploma students. These student stay an extra session than the diploma students and complete project in line with their career paths of Freelancer, Company Employee and Entrepreneurship. The project is not done in the academy but in the real-world job and industry environments.

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We don’t just give you skills; we give you a clear future.

DWTA shows you how to use the skills you have been taught here, to practically create the future and career you desire.

The best way to be proficient in a skill in by practicing what you have be taught. And the more real-life like your practice is, the better. DWTA student completes numerous projects on a regular basis before their graduation from the best computer IT training college in Ghana . There are Micro Projects, Mini Projects , Major Projects, Graduation Projects and Path Projects.

The type of project a student is performing at any given time depends on the qualification they are study toward, the period of trimester it is, the career path school and many other factors.